10 Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

The Mexican cuisine is an impression of the country’s long and colourful history. Starting when indigenous people started to domesticate the corn over 9.000 years ago.

Additionally, the people who have gone to live there since. Depending on where you are in Mexico the cuisine will have influences from the Caribbean, Asian, Middle Eastern or European cultures.

Nowadays we can find authentic Mexican food served at restaurants all around the globe; tamales, tacos, enchiladas, mole and so much more. Here we list a selection of Mexican restaurants you can find in Barcelona.

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona
10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona – in the picture Pikio Taco

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

Costa Pacifico

Costa Pacifico is a Mexican cevicheria located in the heart of Santa Caterina on the lovely square Sant Agusti Vell. The menu is short and simple, aguachiles, fried corn tortilla tostadas, ceviches and tacos. It’s mainly seafood but also they have meat options. The local has a minimalistic decor and the ambience is informal.

Address: Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 13, 08003 Barcelona

El Pachuco

The small Mexican restaurant or maybe I should say bar since this the seats are high bar chairs and easy to count. This place fills up fast ( especially on the weekend) do to affordable prices, good food and friendly atmosphere.

Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 110, 08001 Barcelona

Hoja Santa

If I say world famous restaurant elbulli you probably know where this is heading. Hoja Santa is one of the culinary experiences offered by Albert and Ferran Adrià and the Iglesias brothers. With Mexican chef Paco Mendez they received their first Michelin star in 2015 for their ingenious take on the Mexican cuisine.
Fine dining.

Address: Av. de Mistral, 54, 08015 Barcelona

La Taqueria

At La Taqueria the Mexican street food is king. Here it gets informal, low tables, small stools, colourful walls and tablecloths. The tacos, quesadillas and frijoles refritos are served on colourful plastic plates or wooden cut boards, the michelada comes out delicious and cold.

Address: Passatge de Font, 5, 08013 Barcelona


This restaurant serves up classic Mexican dishes using a wide variety of products that allow us to try intense and contrasting flavours.  Don’t forget to wash down the tacos, huarache or ceviche with a cold Mexican beer or why not try their Mezcal cocktails?

Address: Carrer de Ramón y Cajal, 35, 08012 Barcelona

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona
Niño Viejo

Niño Viejo

The informal baby brother to fine dining restaurant Hoja Santa run by Paco Mendez. This locale with the decoration of a colourful Mexican cantina serves up classic dishes in an informal ambience. Don’t forget to book your table.

Address: Av. de Mistral, 54, 08015 Barcelona

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona
Niño Viejo – 10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona


Under the beautiful arches at Pla de Palau square restaurant, Oaxaca offers authentic Mexican cuisine. From the dining area, you can see the “comal”, griddle for tortilla making. Yes, they do homemade nixtamalized corn tortillas, authentic mole and the guacamole prepared at the table. Next door they have a Mezcalería were you can cherish the best selections of Mezcal in Europe.

Address: Pla de Palau, 19, 08003 Barcelona

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

Pikio Taco

A small and friendly taqueria on the border between Gràcia and Eixample. Short menu with tacos, nachos, quesadillas and other Mexican classics. Don’t forget to try their flotis, lime Margarita mixed with local beer. The locale is informal with a urban decor and a young crowd.

Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 376, 08037 Barcelona

Taco Alto

This taqueria imitates the stops and street taquerías traditional of Mexico, but with a modern touch. They work traditional Mexican recipes with it’s diverse spectrum of flavours, however, they are not afraid to add their own twist to the dishes.

Address: Carrer del Portal Nou, 62, 08003 Barcelona


Rumours are that Tlaxcal is the favourite taqueria and cantina for all the Mexicans in Barcelona. So something they must be doing right, right? On the menu, you find homemade Mexican cuisine; tostadas de ceviche, chilaquiles or tacos al pastor.
Monday to Friday they do an awesome and affordable set lunch menu

Address: Carrer del Comerç, 27, 08003 Barcelona

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