11 Best Arepas in Barcelona

11 best arepas in Barcelona, where can we find them? Are arepas the new tacos? What is an arepa?

11 best arepas in Barcelona
La Caleta de Sants – 11 best arepas in Barcelona

In this blog post, we are getting to know the best places around Barcelona for those savoury arepas from hard-core-arepa-lovers David & Luz!

The arepa, the Venezuelan pride and joy that has become the most famous Venezuelan dish known to the rest of the world.

So what’s the deal with arepa being the new taco?
Personally, I think it has to do with it’s a dish that crosses borders when it comes to social status.
You can be minted or less fortunate, but the arepa doesn’t care about rich or poor, fine dining or not.
It’s a dish you can try and test at a fancy restaurant, at a relaxed hole-in-the-wall- join with friends or a food truck when you run from one meeting to the next or just there and you feel the need for an arepa.

What does David think of the arepa being the new taco?
«Yes, it’s true that it is becoming a food known throughout the world. Partly because so many Venezuelans have left. Wherever you go there is a place that makes arepas now.»

Luz, why are arepas the most famous Venezuelan dish?

«Simply because it’s a food that the Venezuelan people consume on a daily basis and thanks to its versatility you can fill it with almost anything. It’s our daily bread!«

11 best arepas in Barcelona
Arepa from La Caleta de Sants

11 best arepas in Barcelona

The bread that is actually the arepa itself is made out of maize flour, baked in the shape of a flat circle.
Once the arepa is baked it’s split open (like pita bread) and filled to the brim with an awesome amount deliciousness of different kinds.

The most famous fillings of arepa are:
Reina pepiada, a mixture of shredded chicken, avocado and mayo.
Dominó, beans and hard white cheese.
Pelúa, shredded meat and grated yellow cheese.
Sifrina, it’s a Reina pepiada with grated yellow cheese.
Pabellón beans, shredded meat and grated hard white cheese
Viuda, arepa without filling served with meals
Gringa, the Venezuelan take on the American burger.

Here comes a list of 11 great places recommended by David & Luz to check out for some pure Venezuelan arepa love!

Address; Carrer de la Marina, 212, 08013 Barcelona

Bendito pecado
Address; Carrer del Comerç, 8, 08003 Barcelona

Caña de azucar
Address; Carrer de Muntaner, 69, 08011 Barcelona

Choroní restaurante
Address; Carrer Mestre Candi, 44, 08901 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Donde siempre
Address; Carrer del Consell de Cent, 24, 08014 Barcelona

Inta – food truck

La Caleta de Sants
Address; Carretera de la Bordeta, 54, 08014 Barcelona

La poderosa
Address; Carrer de Sant Bartomeu, 1, 08001 Barcelona

La Taguera areperia
Address; Carrer del Rec, 10, 08003 Barcelona

Muack arepa bar
Address; Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 12, 14, 08018 Barcelona

Rincon de la abuela Venezeolana
Address; Carrer de Mallorca, 470, 08013 Barcelona

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