5 specialty coffee shops Barcelona

5 specialty coffee shops Barcelona
Coffee has in the last 5 years gone from drinking normal café con leche or Americano to drink trendy specialty coffee. The trend has gone viral, so of course the trend has also hit Barcelona. So I thought I should list 5 specialty coffee shops in Barcelona. I list 5 shops in no special order and of course there are more of them in Barcelona.

Nømad coffee Lab and shop – Born
In the tranquil Passatge Sert in the district of La Ribera/Born, we can find the Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop. The shop is beautiful and minimalistic, has a cool Nordic feel to it.  The location is quiet and inviting, perfect to sit down at the bar and watch while the barista prepares you the coffee.

If you enjoy a proper espresso or macchiato with no fuss this is the place to visit.

They roast weekly in their locale in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Opening hours: 08.30h – 17.30h Monday to Friday
Address: Passatge Sert 12, 08003 Barcelona
Phone: +34 628 56 62 35

They opened a new shop in the neighbourhood Raval!
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08.30h – 17.30h and Saturday –Sunday 10.00h – 17.00h
Address: Carrer La Riereta 15, 08003 Barcelona

Photo credit Nomad Photo credit Nomad

Satan´s coffee corner – Gòtico
Satan´s coffee corner located in the oldest part of Barcelona, to be specific the area called Call. It´s the old Jewish Quarters, where the streets are narrow and with buildings that have seen their fair share of history.

Satan´s Coffee Corner is as its name says, on a corner. The local is amazing; it has big shop windows all around with great light.  They have a big tall table to share and seats at the window.

Once you are seated and have ordered your coffee, you can watch as the barista prepares your beverage. On the menu you can find different types of brews, like AeroPress coffee, cold brew, espresso or as for me just a black coffee with ice.

They don’t accept credit cards, cash only.

Opening hours: Monday 08.00h -18.00h, Tuesday and Wednesday closed. Thursday to Saturday 08.00h- 18.00h, Sunday 10.00h -18.00h
Address: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 11, 08002 Barcelona
Phone: +34 666 22 25 99

Now you can also find Satan´s coffee corner at Casa Bonay.
Opening hours: Every day 07.00h – 18.00h
Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 700, 08010 Barcelona

Slowmov – Gràcia
Slowmov is a small independent coffee roaster and café in the relaxed neighbourhood Gràcia. Coffee roasting is the main business at Slowmov, they work directly with the coffee producer abroad. The chain is short and they know the owner and his estate where the beans are sustainably grown. They always work with 100% Arabic coffee beans. The green beans they roast in the shop depending on the coffee (variety, altitude, density, use..) to get the best out of the beans.

Pop in to Slowmov and buy you coffee for to bring home, while you at it you sit down, sip on a well prepared coffee and read one of their many beautiful books about this amazing bean.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09.00h -18.00h, Satuday 10.00h – 14.30h. Sunday closed
Address: Carrer de Luis Antúnez 18, 08006 Barcelona
Phone: +34 936 67 27 15

Syra coffee – Gràcia
The coffee shop is small, you can see that it´s designed for take away purpose.  The interior design is modern with light wooden materials and white painted walls, which creates a fresh atmosphere.

SYRA coffee wants to serve excellent coffee to their clients, there for they work with local Onna Café that roasts their own beans imported from small-scale coffee growers in Costa Rica.

As for the sweet treat, they invite their clients to a mix between western and eastern pastries, Cheesecakes and Carrot cakes mixed up with Baklavas and Gazelle horns, all made in perfect take away size.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 08.30h -17.30h. Friday 08.30h – 19.00h. Saturday and Sunday 10.00h – 19.00h
Address: Carrer Siracusa 13, 08012 Barcelona
Phone: +34 666 720 743

Wer-haus – Eixample
Wer-haus is a concept store dedicated to Fashion, food and art. The locale is minimalistic, spacious and modern. In the café part you can sit down and enjoy your coffee while looking at the trendy people walking by.

They buy their coffee from Slowmov roasters in Gràcia.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11.00h – 19.00h. Sunday closed.
Address: Carrer Aragó 287, 08009 Barcelona

Photo credit Wer-haus Photo credit Wer-haus

***Have in mind that during summer the opening hours might be different do to vacation.


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