Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni

Agust GastroBar is located on the bar and restaurant filled street Parlament, just a stone throw from recently reopened Market in charming neighbourhood San Antoni.

Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni
Scallop with salsify

The story behind Agust GastroBar goes back almost 20 years to Hotel Meurice in Paris.
Jean Christophe Burgy worked as the hotel concierge and Hicham Houmidide as the chef, it’s there in Hotel Meurice their friendship started and their dream of one day start a business together.

Fast forward to 2015 Jean and Hicham made reality of their dream by opening the doors to Agust GastroBar in Barcelona.

Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni

AT FIRST SIGHT – Agust GastroBar

I have to admit that I passed by Agust GastroBar on multiple occasions and I hadn’t given it a second glans, always with my focus on some other place.

Although I have to say I’m so happy that a friend of mine recently said; HEY they do good shit! Because we all know when a friend says HEY, well we do need to try it right?

The locale is at the first blush, cosy and intimate. Dim lights, brick walls, wooden chairs and tables, and forged iron. The space is divided into the bar area with an open kitchen on the ground floor and more of a secluded dining area upstairs. 

Their gastronomic offer is simply explained; quality produce, locally soured of possible, with little elaboration involved to preserve as much of the essence of the original ingredients. 

As Hicham has worked around the globe before touching ground in Barcelona, something we can find trace of in the dishes on the menu. Peru, Mexico, Japan, France, Spain, Korea are a few of the countries were he picked up flavours from.

Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni
Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni


We visited Agust GastroBar for lunch, the waiter recommended us to try their tasting menu which includes 6 dishes, pre-dessert and a dessert for 65€/person (drinks not included). 

And we were not disappointed, the flavours at Agust GastroBar are rich and even some WOW’s were murmured as our mouths where with food.

Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni
Oyster with lime and green apple
Causa limeña with smoked salmon
Smoked sardine
Mushroom risotto with smoked Escamorza
Grilled duck with creamy potato mash
Pre-dessert with tapioca pearls and caramelized pineapple
Agust GastroBar restaurant Sant Antoni
Three is not a crowd; The Cactus, Lemon pie and Agust Mocaccino



Who goes:
Local and visitors wanting to savour tasty food (perfect to bring a date for a casual bite)

Carrer del Parlament, 54, 08015 Barcelona

Monday to Tuesday 19h – 00h
Friday to Sunday 14h – 16h and 19h – 00h

+34 931 62 67 33



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2 respuestas a “Agust GastroBar, Restaurant, Sant Antoni”

  1. Ana Maria dice:

    I`ve been there and was VERY disappointed. Overpriced food, minimal portions (even if it is a menu degustación) and the food had more looks than quality or taste. Nothing special, honestly. Also, the staff was slow and a little rude.
    With so many great options around the area, this is a place that is not really worth spending my money at.

  2. Sara dice:

    Hi Ana Maria,
    So sorry to hear that, we had a great meal and we have no remarks on the staff.

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