Bacaro, Venetian restaurant with market cuisine, Raval

Entering Venetian restaurant Bacaro in Raval is a delight, when the staff greats you with arms open wide and a smile, then you know your in for a good one!

Venetian restaurant Bacaro, Barcelona

Restaurant Bacaro in multi cultural neighbourhood Raval is small, minimalistic with a cosy atmosphere. A miss match of wooden and marble tables and modern hydraulic floor. It counts with two levels, if you want it to be more intimate, ask for a table up stairs.

In my case I didn’t ask for a intimate table, but one with the best light. Michele Bacaro’s manager looked at me slightly confused, but said follow me, and up we went.

Venetian restaurant Bacaro, Barcelona

Venetian restaurant Bacaro, Barcelona

At first I had a look at the menu by myself. Within a couple of minutes Michele came and explained the menu with such detail and empathy that I wanted to order absolutely everything on the menu. He made it all sound amazing.

They work with quality seasonal produce, fresh vegetables, fish, seafood and meat. The pasta Bacaro serves is hand made right there in the restaurant.

Red prawn Carpaccio at Bacaro, Barcelona

Bacaro isn’t the typical Italian restaurant with cheap pasta and pizza for less then a tenner. No here it’s fine cuisine with graceful flavours. They don’t work with the Spanish concept Menu del día /set daily menu, it’s all a la carte so a “normal” lunch becomes expensive that’s no doubt about it.

Red prawn Carpaccio, Bacaro Barcelona

Venetian restaurant Bacaro, Barcelona

After Michele’s definition of the dishes, which were like music to my ears, I had no clue were to start or finish, so instead of driving myself mad, I asked him what to do!

After asking how hungry I was and if there’s something I didn’t like, he gave me his suggestions. The spaghetti al Nero de sepia / spaghetti with cuttlefish ink sauce 18€, he told me it was a good option for a first timer at Bacaro (a star dish that comes back frequently on their menu).

Spaghetti al Nero at Bacaro, Barcelona

Venetian restaurant Bacaro, Barcelona

Even though I wasn’t extremely hungry, I had seen on the menu a fresh prawn Carpaccio with picked fennel and dill mayonnaise 16€. I just had to have it.

The prawn Carpaccio fresh with the balance of sea and pickle, and the spaghetti al Nero de sepia light for a pasta dish with intense flavours in the sauce.

Spaghetti al Nero, Bacaro Barcelona

Have a look on their wine list, all their dishes can be paired with red, white or sparkling wine from different regions in Italy.

Even though restaurant Bacaro is located 2 minutes from the well-known Las Ramblas and just behind Barcelona’s most famous market La Boquería it’s easy to miss. But I hope you will make the extra effort to look for it as they serve up exceptional Venetian food prepared with Catalan ingredients.

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Carrer de Jerusalem 6, 08001 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 13.30h – 16.00h and 20.30h – 00.00h
Sunday 13.30h – 16.00h

+34 672 17 60 68





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