Bali, Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant, Sarria Sant Gervasi

You know those cold winter afternoons when the sun almost gone down before you really woken up and all you can dream of are warm summer nights. When you can sit until three in the morning in spaghetti strap dress and no need carry around a jumper.
We still have a few month until it becomes reality. So to not get totally dragged down with the winter blues I go out for some heart-warming food with exotic spices and aromas from faraway continents, to dream about some remote beach and a turquoise ocean.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant

Restaurant Bali, Barcelona

To cure the winter blues this time a friend and I went to the Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant Bali located on the street La Forja 8, in the neighbourhood Sarriá – Sant Gervasi in Barcelona.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant

Restaurant Bali

Restaurant Bali opened back in 2015 with authentic and traditional cooked Indonesian and Malaysian dishes, we can also find a selection of plates from other countries around Asia.
The exotic spices used are direct imported create real Asian flavours, even though some adjustments has been made to meet the western palate.

In kitchen of restaurant Bali we can find nutmeg, clove, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, coconut and much more which are traditionally used in the Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant

Prawn and vegetable dish at restaurant Bali

On the menu we can find the Malaysian national dish or the Indonesian dish Nasi lemak. For dessert we can find exotic names, Eskrim Kelapa with ingredients tapioca pearls in rich coconut broth and palm sugar.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Barcelona

Restaurant Bali Barcelona

The dishes I tried Kari Ayam –chicken curry soup with prawns 6,50€ and Sambal seafood – prawns and squid with sambal belachan served with jasmine rice – 11,90€. Both were savoury and with a hint of heat.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona

Dinner is served!

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona

As for the dessert we could not resist to try Bubur Cha-cha with tapioca, sweet potato and coconut milk 4,50€ and mango sorbet, how good and sweet doesn´t it sound, right?

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona


The service fast and friendly at restaurant Bali, they have different set menus. Price depending on time and day of the week.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona

You easily get to restaurant Bali from the centre with the train from Plaza Catalunya (FGC) or in a cab.

Malaysian and Indonesian restaurant Bali Barcelona

The Area Sarriá – Sant Gervasi in Barcelona I need to visit more often, it has many small restaurants and cafés, my list is getting longer by the minute, I hope to be able to share some more of my finds from here soon!

Carrer de La Forja 8, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 23.30h
Friday and Saturday – 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 00.00h
Sunday closed

Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, halal restaurant

+34 934 61 40 52




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