Bermont coffee, Specialty coffee shop, Gràcia

Bermont Coffee recently opened it´s door on the street Bretón de los Herreros 2, just a few meters from the metro stop Fontana in Barcelona.

Bermont coffee, Specialty coffee shop, Gràcia

Bermont coffee, Barcelona

At Bermont coffee the owner and barista Bernat prepare specialty coffee in Barcelona from different countries with their unique characters.

Bernat got introduced to the world of specialty coffee while living in Perth, Australia. On the other side of the world the specialty coffee concept is much more developed then in Spain. Other countries that are in the front of the specialty coffee movement with Australia are Japan, US and Singapore.

He tells me that when he worked as a barista the costumers could smell between 10-12 different beans and roasts and from there they decided on their favourite, from fruity to more chocolate notes, to anything in between.

Bermont coffee, Specialty coffee shop, Gràcia

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Bermont coffee, Specialty coffee shop, Gràcia

Preparing my coffee

Once back in Barcelona he attended various courses with the famous Belgian barista Kim Ossenblock to deepen his knowledge in the world of the specialty coffee.  From there came the natural step to open his own coffee shop.

Specialty coffee Bermont coffee shop Barcelona

Menu at Bermont coffee

Specialty coffee Bermont coffee shop Barcelona

Sweet treats

At Bermont coffee we can find coffee beans from around the globe, Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Kenya.

The roast Los Pocitos is the high roller from Nino Tussell with fruity notes that works prefect for an espresso. The roast Los Pirineos also from the roaster Nino Tussell, are prefect for making a coffee with milk with it´s chocolate notes.

Specialty coffee Bermont coffee shop Barcelona


Barista and owner Bernat wants to start small, to have a slow and organic growth to his business. He wants to inform and educate the Barcelona crowd about the world of these good smelling beans and there particular diversities.

On the bar or around the locale of Bermont coffee there´s no sugar exposed for the clients to just grab. Bernat want the clients to try and understand that with the specialty coffee many times there´s no need to add sugar. As the coffee it self is so rich and full of flavours that´s there no need for it.

Specialty coffee Bermont coffee shop Barcelona

Cookies and cold press juice

The specialty coffee is a far cry from the burnt flavours found in low quality coffee that we can find at the normal bars or in the supermarkets.

At Bermont coffee Bernat also serve tea and cold pressed juices for the non-coffee drinkers, to nibble there’s cookies and other pastries. In a near future Bermont coffee will add bagels and toasts to it´s offer.

Cappuccino from 2,50€
Espresso from 2€
Latte from 2,20€
Macchiato from 2,10€
Cold brew from 3,50€

Bermont opening hours:
Monday to Friday 07.30h – 17.30h
Saturday 10.00h -14.00h
Sunday 10.00h – 14.00h

Carrer de Bretón de los Herreros 2, 08012 Barcelona

+34 674 44 87 98




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