The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

Sometimes we get a bottle of wine rushing off to a dinner, we just hit the first supermarket we find. As we are deciding on red or white, or wait maybe rosé, we scan the shelfs after a label that look nice. Because, as the label looks nice the wine must be good right?!

I think we should start to think more about our choice when it come to pick the bottle, what food are we having; fish, seafood, poultry, meat or veggies? Maybe it’s just served as an aperitif? Personal preference? Crisp white? Full body red?

To overwhelming? I have the best solution. You should visit the best wine shops in Born Barcelona. They (mostly) have a superior selection of wine; variety of grapes, unique producers, and regions. The trained staff is there to give you professional help, to guide you to a wine that will suit the food, occasion and to be delicious.

In Barcelona there are many wine shops, bodegas and cellers, so I thought to break them down in neighbourhoods. We start out with my hood; Born in Ciutat Vella

In Born we can find the biggest distributers in the whole of Barcelona ( Maybe even Spain?), to smaller business and one only selling natural, biodynamic or organic wines.

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

Vila Viniteca, Barcelona

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

Vila Viniteca

Biggest distributer of wine in Barcelona; Vila Viniteca, at their shop you find wine from around the globe stacked from floor to ceiling in all different price classes. Supposedly they have over 4.500 references (not all on show in store, ask for their catalogue). They regularly do wine tastings and courses.

Don’t forget to pass by their gourmet shop La Teca next door, you will thank me later,  your wallet probably wont though..

C/7 Carrer Agullers, Barcelona, 08003

+34 937 777 017

Monday to Friday from 8:30h – 8:30h
Saturday from 8:30h – 5h
Closed on Sundays

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

ViVino, Barcelona


This small wine shop run by Vivian carries a selection of Catalan and Spanish wines from smaller producers. They also offer wine tastings and tours guided by experienced sommeliers. They regularly do wine tastings.

C/ dels Canvis Nous, 10, 08003 Barcelona

+34 667 53 65 57

Monday to Saturday 13.00h – 20.30h
Sunday closed

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

Magatzem Escolá

Magatzem Escolà

Next to the old fruit and vegetable market, now turned in to El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria we find the Magatzem Escolà. They are distributer and wine shop, they also have a wide selection of spirits and mixers. They have a wine tastings and also rent out part of their space for private events.

C/ Comercial, 13, 08003 Barcelona

+34 931 67 26 55
Tuesday – Saturday 10.00h -14.00h and 16.00h -21.00h
Sunday and Monday closed

Bodega Maestrazgo

A charming old fashion bodega, also serving as a small bar. With your glass of wine, cava or vermouth you can order from a small selection of tapas, nothing elaborated.
They have a good selection of Catalan wine and cava, in the big oak barrels by the door you can buy wine and vermouth in bulk to bring home.

C/ de Sant Pere Més Baix, 90, 08003 Barcelona

+34 933 10 26 73

Monday – Saturday from 10.00h – 14.30h and 17.00h to 22.00h
Sunday closed


The best wine shops, Born Barcelona

The best wine shops, Born Barcelona, photo credit Metropolitan.

Can Cisa

Barcelona has in the lasts years become synonym with the Spanish capital of natural wines. A place that has for sure helped to push it to the locals and visitors in Barcelona is Can Cisa. The concept is a bar, restaurant and wine shop together with Bar Brutal. If you haven’t tried natural wine it’s a good idea to try a glass at the bar, before you bring home a whole bunch.

C/ de la Princesa, 14, 08003 Barcelona

+34 933 19 98 81

Monday – Thursday 19.00h – 01.30h
Friday and Saturday 13.30h – 01.30h
Sunday closed


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