Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Cocktail bar, Gracia

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Cocktail bar, Gracia

This cocktail bar can be found on the tranquil street Ferrer de Blanes 3 in the neighbourhood Gràcia, just a short stroll from the famous Passeig de Gràcia.

I was greeted with a friendly smile by one of the owners, Alessandro. He invited me on the roller coaster of incredible flavours at Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge.

Alessandro comes originally from Sardinia, Italy but lives in Barcelona since 2008. his resume is impressive, he worked at 5-star hotel Casa Fuster, boutique hotel Murmuri And Barceló Raval before fulfilling his dream of open his own bar.

In the locale the bar is the heart of Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge. Alessandro tells me with great passion about the specially designed bar, were the bottles (up to 200 different spirits fighting for their spot, and always rotating) are displayed in different levels and the lighting is just right.
It looks absolutely amazing and brings me to think of old fashion cocktail bars and the television series Mad Men.
The lounge area of the locale is more toned down in earthy tones with Chesterfield sofas and armchairs to bring the attention to the impressive bar.

The cocktail menu at Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge is signed by Alessandro and his co-owner Abel. Since they opened in February 2015 they have already reinvented the cocktail list twice, you can tell they are passionate about their craft.

We started out with their signature cocktails. Here we can find cocktails with the base of traditional spirits like vodka, whisky, bourbon, tequila, rum or gin, but also new inventions like Japanese rice wine sake and the up and coming Mezcal. Alessandro prepared a various cocktail for tasting with a broad spectrum of flavours.

The first one out was Alice in Wonderland, a cocktail with the base of green tea infused vodka, with Lychee and Elderberry. A perfect drink to start with, the gusto is perfectly balanced, the floral tones, citrus and a sweet touch of the Lychee.

I don´t like cocktails that are sweet and cloying, so this one was right up my alley! The name? Well check out the presentation and you know what I´m talking about!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Cocktail bar, Gracia

From there Alessandro moved in the opposite direction, into a more traditional and more gentlemanly drink. Bourbon Street, where their inspiration comes from smoky jazz and blues clubs in New Orleans, think; dark enigmatic nights, cigar smoke mixed with aged leather. The base is Bourbon infused with warm spices that brings out the flavours.

Before he even starts to blend the spirits he puts this mini machine that I have no clue what it is on the counter. But when he poured the drink I get really surprised. It´s a small smoke machine that he filled up with chattered wood from old Jack Daniel barrels.
He covers the drink with a cloche and lets the tub from the smoke machine in just under the edge. The cloche fills with the smoke and impregnates its gusto into the drink. He lets it sit for a second when he lifts off the cloche the most incredible flavour fills the lounge and I get transported to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

The flavours of this drink are more mature with its spicy and smoky essence, in my imagination I see my self seated in one of the leather Chesterfield’s involved in a deep conversation and forgetting about time and place chatting with is Winston Churchill as he puffs his cigar.

From here we moved down south to the Caribbean region, here the rum mixed with mango syrup and Elderberry makes one feel like you’re on a deserted island in the Caribbean, cold, sweet, fruity with a hint of heat and absolutely delicious!

Alessandro dragged me out of my imaginary happy place, telling me we were moving east from the American continent to Asia and more specifically Japan.  For this cocktail they played with the traditional Japanese rice wine Saké mixed with vodka to elaborate the Yokohama Martini.

The cocktail contains raspberry liquor, lemon and rose syrup made by Alessandro and Abel. It´s presented in a bowl instead of a glass and to be savoured in Japanese style with both hands. The flavours are fresh with the wild fruit bouquet a light heat from the Saké and vodka.

To end the experience Alessandro prepared one of the worlds most famous drinks, Bloody Mary (invented by Fernand Petiot in the year 1921 at the bar New York in Paris).

Alessandro and Abel experiment with cool and different ingredients to create new spectrums to the traditional cocktail, truffle salt, clam juice, spicy Habaneros, bourbon or Parmesan cheese. With each Bloody Mary, they serve a glass of infused water.

On my visit, I confessed that I never been a big fan of Bloody Mary´s because the ones I tried have all tasted of tinned tomatoes, but after trying it at Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge I changed my mind, Alessandro and Abel makes some badass Bloody Mary´s!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Cocktail bar, Gracia

Also on the cocktail menu, they have a non-alcoholic drink and an extended Gin tonic offer, they have over 50 types of different Gin´s from classic Hendrick´s to more special editions.

At Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge they know the experience starts from when you enter the lounge to place the order, to its look, smell and finally the taste. They know the value of giving all their clients excellent service as from their experience at top establishments, but here in a more informal and relaxed ambience.

The clientele is mixed, national and international and everyone looking for the best cocktail lounge in Barcelona. In my humble opinion, Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge is easy within the top 5 cocktail bars in Barcelona.

The price range;
Bloody Mary´s 9€ -12€
Signature cocktails 9€ -13€
Gin Tonics 9€ – 13€
Non-alcoholic 7€

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge´s opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday to Thursday 18.00h – 02.00h
Friday and Saturday 18.00h – 03.00h

Carrer Ferrer de Blanes 3, 08012 Barcelona

+34 93 461 39 85


*I was invited as a guest to Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, however all the word and opinions are of course mine.


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