Bodega Fermín, Traditional wine and artisan beer bar, Barceloneta

Any day is a good day to pass by Bodega Fermín in the neighbourhood Barceloneta, except Tuesdays as they are closed, that is.

Vermuth beer wine Bodega Fermín Barceloneta

A glass of wine and a Gilda at Bodega Fermín, Barcelona

Fermín used to be a bodega where the neighbours went to by their wine in bulk, vermouth and other liquors.
Over the time it changed owners and the guys who run the bar in present time has retaining the traditional feel and business. Then added tables and chairs for their clients to grab a tapa and a glass of wine or a artisan beer.

Vermut beer wine at Bodega Fermín

Artisan beer at Bodega Fermín

The vibe is chilled with a mix of locals grabbing a beer with a few tourists looking relaxed after a day roaming the streets of Barcelona.

Vermuth beer wine Bodega Fermín Barceloneta

Spicy Gildas

Bodega Fermín doesn’t have a kitchen so everything offered to the clients to savour is cold. But who needs hot when you get offered mixed cheese board, olives, anchovies, gildas, cured tuna, ham and sausages?

In the early hour you can find some more elaborated tapas, but as they finish they don´t bring more, so you have to wait for the following day when they restock.

Vermuth beer wine Bodega Fermín Barceloneta

Selection artisan beer

For the beer fans Bodega Fermín have a wide variety of local and international artisan beer brands to pick and choose from.

Bodega Fermín Barcelona

Cheese board

On our visit we opted for some red wine together with a gilda each, that turned in to 3 each. The gildas (a “toothpick” with pickled olive and chilli, combined with canned fish, normally anchovies) come in not spicy and spicy, go for the spicy one it has a nice kick to it.

The big cheese board comes with five kinds, from creamy blue cheese to cured Manchego cheese.

Bodega Fermin, Barcelona

Bodega Fermin, Barcelona

The bill ended up on 35,10€ for two people.

Bodega Fermín is perfectly located in the heart of Barceloneta, with it´s the terrace on Plaça Poeta Boscà, amazing to sip a cold beer in the summer. Also on this plaça you can find the Barceloneta food market.


Sant Carles, 18, 08003 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Monday 10.00h – 24.00h
Tuesday closed

+34 607 65 04 11




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