BonAppetour, Food experience for travellers in Barcelona

BonAppetour is a company that helps travellers to get a unique and local experience in the city they visit. They believe it’s more to travel then sightseeing, for travellers to discover and interact with other cultures and what could be better then to eat with locals in their home?

My seat at Teresa´s! My seat at Teresa´s!

I had the pleasure to visit Teresa that lives in a cosy flat in the neighbourhood La Sagrera just a few stops on the metro from the city centre on the red line.

As I arrived she had set the table and was preparing the appetizers, cold cuts (jamón, fuet, chorizo) and different kind of cheeses with membrillo/quince jam, decorated with fresh figs and grapes.

Appetizers! Appetizers!

As we waited for everybody to arrive (we were a group 7) Teresa served her homemade Sangria. The Sangria she prepared the day before to let all the flavours from the sweet fruit and the wine to mix or a Clara – a mix between beer and lemonade. Both great types of drink for the warm summer months when we desire something cool and refreshing!

Home made Sangria Home made Sangria

As we sipped on our drinks Teresa started to prepare the main dish, Seafood Paella. We got to enjoy every step of the preparation and to understand the importance of choosing the right ingredients.

Teresa told us that every family has their own twist on how to make their Paella. Teresa’s friend Mireia that was helping out at the lunch told us she uses onion in hers while Teresa doesn’t, sometime they will use fish stock and sometimes the stock from the mussels, small variations that makes the difference.

Teresa starting the Paella! Teresa starting the Paella! Ingredients for the Paella Ingredients for the Paella Clams & mussels Clams & mussels Adding the rice! Adding the rice!

Once the party was complete and the Paella was simmering away on the stove (that smell, heaven!) Teresa asked us to sit down and we digged in to the delicious appetizers and the famous Catalan pà amb tomàquet – tomato bread. With the food we could keep on with the same drinks or change to wine, which Teresa selected for the lunch.

Give it a good stire! Give it a good stire! Justine snapping away! Justine snapping away!

Good conversations kept flowing around the table and before we knew it, Teresa told us the Paella was done, when she brought in the Paella we all wowed, it looked absolutely amazing!
What a beauty to look at, the rice topped with prawns, mussels, clams, Norwegian lobster and red peppers.  As Teresa was serving the Paella we all snapped away with our cameras in ultra rapid to document it all.

The result - a beautiful Seafood Paella! The result – a Beautiful Seafood Paella! Insta friendly! Insta friendly! The hostess and chef Teresa serving the Paella The hostess and chef Teresa serving the Paella

As we savoured the awesome Paella, that we got to see taking it´s form from scratch, we kept talking and praising Teresa for her cooking skills. In the party we were people from four different countries Chile, the States, UK and Sweden and we were all equally impressed.

Cheers! Salut! Cheers! Salut! Close up and personal Close up and personal

When I couldn’t get another bit down, the host and chef Teresa told us we needed something sweet to top this off, and what could be more appropriate than Crema Catalana, it can be compared to Crème Brûleé, in my opinion the Catalan version is much tastier. Teresa had prepared the dessert in small glass jars and she caramelized the sugar topping in front of our eyes with a small kitchen torch.

Crema Catalana Crema Catalana

As the lunch was ending we got Espresso or Cortado prepared to get a caffeine kick to be able to move after all the deliciousness savoured.

Espresso with a spoon made out of white chocolate Espresso with a spoon made out of white chocolate

I can´t thank Teresa enough, she was the perfect host and chef, explaining the dishes and sharing her tips. I loved the fact that she sat down with us during the lunch as we got to know her story and she was genuinely interested in each en every one of us and our stories. The ambience was relaxed, fun and of course the food top-notch, the all over experience 5 star!

I would sincerely recommend anyone try this experience on your stay in Barcelona.

The experience can easily be booked on the website


BonAppetour also operates in other top cities around the world:

*I was invited as a guest by BonAppetour, however all the word and opinions are of course mine.

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