Can Cisa – Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar, Born

Can Cisa – Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar are sharing locale, the owner of the bodega Joan València (also a wine distributer specialist in natural wines) teamed up with the Venetian brothers Colombo that also runs the Italian restaurant Xemei in Poble Sec for this project.

Since the start it’s been a success, at Can Cisa – Bar Brutal there´s always a good vibe, the ambience is laid back, familiar and informal. It´s a good a mix of clients; families and groups of friends, it has become a trendy place to go to in Barcelona centre.

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Oysters Mignonette and in Ceviche

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Can Cisa – Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

The entrance from the street Princesa 14 brings one straight in to the bodega with wine bottle high and low. A long table to enjoy a glass of natural wine, further in there´s another little bar part with more intimate feel. The decoration is wood and metal and old wine barrels in the ceiling.

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Baby scallops

As we move further in Bar Brutal opens up, here the decoration is different, a mix match of furniture, and the walls are raw in different colours and with graffiti written on them.
When I walk in to the restaurant it´s like walking in to the younger brother’s untidy room, more punk rock to it.

I went with a group of friends to Bar Brutal (the more the merrier, right?). We decided to share all the plates between us so we could try the most. We decided seafood, cheese and sweet dessert were what we needed and of course to try out the offer on natural wines.

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Burrata with trout roe

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Razor clams

We started of with oysters Mignonette and in Ceviche, I had it on several occasions but never really done it for me (too slimy, too salty, too big) I was a bit sceptical but I decided to try them again, and lucky me I did, totally delicious, smaller, meatier and good taste.

From the oysters we moved on to baby scallops, to creamy burrata with trout roe, razor clams, cod Esqueixada (Catalan salad of shredded salted cod) with mandarin and grapefruit, squid with black bean and ink mash, monkfish with broad beans and octopus with beetroot. We had a full on bonanza.

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Esqueixada with mandarin & grapefruit

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Raw bonito with fresols de Santa Pau and broccoli

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Octupus with beetroot

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Squid with black bean and ink mash

For dessert we decided on both cheese and sweet treats. The artisan cheese plate offered cow and goat cheeses from Navarra, France and Catalonia served with fresh apple and bread. We opted for half a cheese plate as we also ordered four sweet desserts.

The four dessert were entirely different, chocolate pipotte –pure chocolate heaven, crème caramel with cardamom (think Swedish Christmas!), kefir with strawberries and meringue and the last that might sound really weird but so good, cream corn with blue cheese and puff pastry.

Can Cisa - Bar Brutal, Restaurant & Wine bar

Cheese plate

Pink bubble, cheers!

Sweet dessert!

Crème caramel

Kefir with strawberries and meringue

Chocolate pipotte

Cream corn withblue cheese and puff pastry

We opted to go just with fish and shellfish, as a few in the group are not big meat lovers, so it was not because they don´t serve it – they do! On the menu we saw duck, lamb and pork.

Our waiter was the best, super charming Canadian recommending the wines according to the dishes and to our preferences. The all over experience was really good, from food, to wine to the treatment from the staff.


Why go?
Bar Brutal – Can Cisa has great service, tasty food, organic wine all in a trendy ambiance!

Can Cisa – Bar Brutal´s opening hours:
Monday 20.00h – 01.00h
Tuesday to Saturday 13.00h – 01.00h
Sunday 12.00h -16.00h

Carrer de la Princesa 14, 08003 Barcelona

+34 932 95 47 97


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