Carlota Akaneya, Japanese Sumiyaki restaurant, Raval

In 2011 Carlota Akaneya opened its doors in Barcelona as Europe´s first Japanese Sumiyaki restaurant. It´s located on a bustling street in the Raval district, the discreet façade does a good job hiding this little gem!

It´s a Japanese barbeque restaurant, where the food is grilled over charcoal at the table.  The Japanese imported the concept from Korea and became an important part of Japanese food culture.

The restaurant itself is small with wooden minimalistic decoration. All the tables have a charcoal grill incorporated so all the guests can grill their own meat, fish or vegetable.  The atmosphere in the dining area is relaxed and intimate, perfect for a date night or celebration.

They have a la carte menu and two different set menus.  With the set menus, you get to try a great variety of dishes, perfect if you are a first timer like us!
We tried the extended menu consisting of 13 dishes including dessert. The super friendly and professional staff guiding us on a food journey starting with a variety of dishes which didn´t require the charcoal grill, such as classic soya beans Edamame and breaded deep-fried pork Tonkatsu.

As we were finishing off the first group of dishes they start to set up the authentic grill and explained the following steps to come.

They bring out vegetable and mushroom hotpot and different types of beef, including the star plate A5 Japanese Beef filet from imported from Kagoshima, Japan.

We opted for beer with the dinner, we tried three different types; Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo, which are all Japanese imported beers. They also have a wine list and non-alcoholic options.

After this heavenly food-walk thru the Sumiyaki experience, they serve dessert, which was not any less perfect. We got to try three different desserts, one that was the Green Tea Mochi, bliss!

Truly we had an amazing culinary experience that ticked all our boxes.  I highly recommend Carlota Akaneya to everybody for a different and excellent dinner.

As the restaurant is small and very easily get fully booked, I recommend booking your table in advance.

Opening hours:
Every day from 19.00 to 11.00

Carrer Pintor Fortuny 32

+34 933 02 77 68

Online booking:


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