Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant, Eixample

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant found on the street Londres 103, between Muntaner and Aribau invites us into a modern space with colourful and fun decoration, were we can enjoy the best of Peruvian cuisine.

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Entrance to restaurant Ceviche 103, Barcelona

I decided to take my parents after gotten recommended by my Peruvian friend, (thanks Mai, we loved it!). The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, the diners were families and couples.

As we got seated and had a look on the menu we decided to try the gourmet sampling menu, 45€/person, which included three starters, three main courses and two desserts, one Pisco Sour, other drinks not included.

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Pisco Sour at Ceviche 103

The starters at Ceviche 103; classic Ceviche from the coast of Peru with Sea bass, two types of corn and Tiger milk.

The second plate from the starters; Tiradito Selva with heart of palm, yellow Aji and Tiger milk – raw fish cut in the shape of sashimi with flavours from the inland.

The third -Causa with mash potato, tender tuna belly, asparagus and avocado. All the starts were super fresh and full of flavour.

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Ceviche with Sea bass

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Tiraditos selva

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Causa with tuna belly

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

For main courses; Sauteed Wagyu beef with vegetables, the waiter told us that the meat slow cooked for 30 hours before stewed with the vegetables – so tender and so tasty!

Second dish were locally produced Prat chicken with yellow Aji (peppers). The Prat chicken is famous for their light blue coloured feet and from El Prat de Llobregat just out side of Barcelona.

The third and last of the main courses on the gourmet sampling menu were black spaghetti, coloured with squid ink served with a sauce made with octopus, shrimp and squid, the heat of the dish came from the different types of Aji, that is commonly used in the Peruvian kitchen.

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Sauteéd Wagyu beef

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Chicken Ají at Ceviche 103

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Black spaghetti with Parihuela sauce

At the end of the main courses we were more then satisfied and wishing to treat our selfs with something sweet.  The first dessert was a sorbet with purpule corn, sweet rice and a cookie and the last was a mix of cardamom cream, chocolate biscuit and dulce de leche.

Both of the desserts contained a mix of different textures and flavours.

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Purple corn with rice and biscuit

Ceviche 103, Peruvian restaurant

Dulce de leche, cardamom cream and chocolate cookie

The all over experience at Ceviche 103 was great, from the food to the service. From the first moment as we walked in we felt welcome and anytime we wanted an extra explanation of the dish the staff gave us specific details of the procedures used.


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Ceviche 103´s opening hours:
Open every day
Monday to Sunday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 23.00h

Carrer de Londres 103, 08036 Barcelona

+34 932 09 88 35



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