Cometa, Café, Sant Antoni

At Café Cometa in Sant Antoni (more places in Sant Antoni click here) I can enjoy a quiet morning coffee, reading my favourite book, then just let the hours fly, after a couple of hours or more I start to fell hungry.

Why move when I got such a good spot, great for people-watching and cool art on the walls, right?

Café Cometa, Sant Antoni Café Cometa, Sant Antoni

I order a filling salad or a mouth watering sandwiches, and one of those tasty cakes that I seen at the bar for dessert, maybe a friend or two are in the hood to join me? We´ll talk for hours, we loose track of time.

Café Cometa Café Cometa

The lunch hour to turn in to an afternoon beer, that’s cool as well. And when we think we should leave more friends turn up, we decide to grab a table on the terrace since it´s not to cold out side. More beers and good laughs would finish the night. That would be my perfect day at Café Cometa.

Café Cometa´s opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday 09.00h – 22.00h
Thursday 09.00h – 23.00h
Friday and Saturday 10.00h – 24.00
Sunday 10.00h – 22.00h

Carrer Parlament 20, 08015 Barcelona

+34 930 07 32 03



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