Experiencing The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture

Experiencing The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture
Spain is one of the winery regions in the world that started the winemaking culture. Their vineyards have existed long before, and they were able to produce wine labels that demand a high interest to the public nowadays. Their famous Tempranillo wines have made an enormous trademark to every wine lover in the world.

Experiencing The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture
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Barcelona City, which is the capital of Catalonia, is Spain’s most remarkable winemaking region since then. The Catalonian vineyard has moderate rainfall and warm climate, allowing to grow grape varietals that only Spain territory can nourish. The soil in Barcelona is found to produce clay and alluvium content along with sediments that’s why they were able to frown grape varietals abundantly.

Experiencing The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture

Cava is one of the best Sparkling wines that Catalonia winery region has made. Nowadays, the demand of Cava wines has continued to rise since it can serve many purposes.  The Catalonia region does not only craft this kind of wine label. They also offer several activities that you can enjoy, so you ultimately understand their winemaking culture.

 As you go along and find ways to experience the best of Catalonia wines, we will give you the things and activities you can fully enjoy in Barcelona, Catalonia. These things will help you understand how wines are celebrated in the said vineyard and see how unique their winemaking culture looks.

Take A Day Trip In Barcelona Vineyard

Barcelona, Catalonia is made up of several vineyards that earns so much respect in the winery community. They even craft wines that come in the highest quality, and most wine critics rate their wine with a 100 point quality mark. Significantly, you decide to take a day trip to some notable vineyards in Barcelona for a thorough winemaking understanding.

Experiencing The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture

Alta Allena is the most accessible vineyards in Catalonia. It has a beautiful landscape where red wine grape varietal is plated separately from white ones. The landscape that faces the north is for reds and the ones facing the south are for whites. You can ride a bicycle to tour the slopes, and you will also see the beautiful mountains and rivers of Barcelona.

Uncover Costa Brava’s DO Emporda Wine

The Costa Brava’s Emporda Vineyard is situated in the northside of Girona. It has a total of 29 wineries which makes up the most wine label production of Barcelona, Catalonia. They are also the best vineyards to nourish series of grape families due to its geographical setting. It is why this vineyard was able to craft full-flavored red and white wines.

It is also a vineyard that does not only offer a beautiful landscape of winery. It is surrounded by some enticing restaurants that serve you wif dishes which can pair perfectly with their wines. Make sure to try their dishes and best wines to drink to know and appreciate what Catalonia food and wine pairing experience can bring to your palate.

Take A Hike In Priorat, Costa Daurada

Camins del Vi is a local name given to the hills found in Priorat. It is situated in the southwest part of Catalonia that is made of several food and wine pairing activities. The hills in Camins del Vi has a lot of vineyards made up of rich historical backgrounds. Taking a hike to this place allows you to uncover the best of their vineyards and their historical winemaking tradition.

You can start hiking in Falset which will lead you to some of the most celebrated hills in Priorat. It may sound tiring to take a hike in this inclining vineyards, but it is fulfilling to experience how grape varietals are appropriately nourished to make the best wines made from Barcelona.

Drop By To Some Wine Cathedrals In Terres de L’Ebre

Understanding the whole culture of Catalonia wines may sound complicated, but there’s an easy way to tackle that.  Terra Alta is a wine cathedral you can find in Catalonia that shows off an incredible structure depicting the winemaking motion of Barcelona. It was established in the 19th century to help people understand how each vineyard works in the areas of Spain.

The walls of this fantastic wine cathedral in Catalonia are hand-painted with the winemaking process in Barcelona. It features most of their notable vineyards and how each worker craft these labels starting with nourishing the grapes until the bottling experience. Make sure not to miss this place as you plan to take a tour activity in Barcelona.

Stay And Relax in Penedes, Barcelona

Completing your whole experience of understanding the winemaking culture in Catalonia is getting a place to stay. The Penedes in Barcelona offers a five-star treatment to all locales and tourists that enables you to experience an amazing Catalonian winery trip.

They serve food and wines that are notably made in Barcelona, which you can savour until the last drop. Enjoy the massive selection you can take between Catalonian red and white wine labels while gazing at the best of Catalonian vineyards outside the vicinity.

The Best Of Catalonia Wine Making Culture

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