Fastuc, Mediterranean Restaurant, Sant Gervasi – Galvany

Fastuc is a Mediterranean restaurant located in the neighbourhood Sant Gervasi – Galvany in Barcelona. Nestled in on the tranquil corner of Carrer d’Oliana with Carrer Moliné this locale is just a 10-minute stroll from the busy street Diagonal.

Fastuc Mediterranean Restaurant
Fastuc Mediterranean Restaurant


Fastuc is run by Sicilian born chef and owner  Giuseppe Cusimano, this chef has a long trajectory working in kitchens around the world and 5-star hotel where he worked alongside Michelin Star Chefs.

The name Fastuc is the merge of the Catalan word festuc and the Sicilian word fastuca, in both languages meaning pistachio. The pistachio is very typical and appreciated produce on his natal island, which is reflected in the cuisine of  Giuseppe.

Fastuc Mediterranean Restaurant
Fastuc Mediterranean Restaurant

The space of the restaurant Fastuc bathes in natural light coming from the big windows enclosing the locale. The decor is modern and inviting, with an elegant touch without feeling stiff.


Don’t be confused by that the chef and owner is Sicilian, this place is not your typical Italian restaurant nor your ordinary neighbourhood joint!

On the menu or as in Spanish la carta of the restaurant, you find refind flavours, unique combinations with quality products as the base of each dish. The essence is the Mediterranean, however, don’t be surprised if you find some non-European flavours in some of the dishes.

If you (like us) find it hard to decide on what to try on your visit they have two tasting menus. Short 7 dishes/ 50€ per person or 10 dishes/ 70€ per person. They offer a beverage pairing pack for 24€/per person.

We tried and tested the 10 dishes tasting menu, where we got to savour a spectrum of flavours from sea and land.

First out; oyster with lime and tabasco granita

Second out where these 3; Crispy roll with burrata, basil and anchovies. Potato and shrimp croquette with paprika mayonnaise and Arancini truffle and ceps with parmesan foam.

Smoked eggplant with chocolate sauce, ricotta foam and almonds
Shrimp tartar on a white plate
Shrimp tartare with pistachio, basil and citrus chutney
Reestaurant Fastuc Barcelona
Raviolis filled with sea bass, nettle cream, zucchini texture and tomato jam
Lasagna made differently
Fastuc’s take on the Italian lasagna, crispy rice with potato and chicken
Dining area
Dining area at restaurant Fastuc
Main dish tuna with caponata
Tuna tataki in pistachio crust with miso caponata.
Dessert in restaurant Fastuc
Semi-fredo, almond nougat with chocolate texture and caramel sauce

If you want to get a «first contact» with Fastuc to see what it’s all about they have a great menu de mediodia which is a set midweek lunch menu for 14,50€.



Who goes:
Visitors and locals wanting to surprise their tastebuds!

Carrer d’Oliana, 14, 08006 Barcelona

Open daily
Monday to Saturday 13h – 16h and 20h – 23h
Sunday 13h – 16h

+34 931 78 52 11




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