The Hip Fish Poke bowls and sushi burritos, Gràcia

The Hip Fish serves up poke bowls and sushi burritos in the heart of Gràcia. Located on the street Provedència 1, between Verdi and Verntallat you can find this hearty spot.

Healthy street food in Gràcia

The Hip Fish, Barcelona

Healthy street food in Barcelona

The Hip Fish, Gràcia

If you haven´t heard about the healthy Hawaiian dish before, it´s time to try one. A poke bowl is the perfect mix of healthy carbs, fish or tofu proteins and veggies, what’s not to like?

Sushi burrito is something I had just seen on Instagram, it´s a combination of the Asian cuisine (sushi) and the Latin cuisine ( burrito) .
One big maki shaped as a burrito, but instead of filled with cheese and other less healthy options, we find ingredients like kale, tofu, quinoa and algae. It´s perfect when you´re on the run, easy as to eat a sandwich I would say.

Healthy modern food Barcelona

Sushi burrito in the making at The Hip Fish

Healthy modern street food Barcelona

The Hip Fish, Barcelona

The guys behind the concept The Hip Fish; Marcel Zerain, Daniel Arvelo, Roberto Agostinelli and Alejandro Iglesias came up with the idea for the project spring 2016. Within less then a year they have their own place up and running with happy returning clients and they see the interest for their products is growing.

The Hip Fish modern fresh street food Barcelona

Sushi burrito and poke bowl for lunch!

On my visit to The Hip Fish I got to try the two different dishes they serve. When you ordered your bowl or sushi burrito of choice the guys the make your meal right in front of your eyes, which make the concept fresh and appealing.

I try and want to have a healthy and balanced view on how I live my life and what I put in my body, both these dishes are perfect to keep that up.

For the poke bowl they have different sizes S/7€, M/10€, L/12€ and the sushi burrito has one size fits all kind of deal for 8€.

The Hip Fish, Barcelona

Modern fresh food in Gràcia

Poke bowl at The Hip Fish, Barcelona

If you want to make a poke bowl at home the guys from The Hip Fish states some good advice on their blog link.

Modern healthy food in Gràcia

Poke bowl with salmon at The Hip Fish, Barcelona

Sushi burrito at The Hip Fish, Barcelona


Carrer de la Provedència 1 bis, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Opening hours:
Sunday closed
Monday to Saturday 12.00h – 23.00h
Phone: +34 630 35 11 13





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