Impossible, Store, Born

With two entrances between the streets Carrer Tantarantana and Carrer de l´Allada-Vermell the camera store Impossible and children’s store Chandal can be found.

This store is a space divided into two. One part which is Impossible, for old school lovers of instant photography, here you can explore the iconic Polaroid camera, different ranges and models or original accessories.

Also, they have their own range of Impossible camera films and sell collector’s items of photography books, special edition magazines.

In the other part of the space, the shop Chandal for kids has a cool selection of children´s toy, books and clothing.
Here you can find the “Yesterdays classics for kids of today” from Fisher-Price, cool cameras, old school cash registers and music box Ferris wheel.

If you want something cuddle friendly they have stuffed animals in the shape of Pippi Långstrump /Longstocking, her horse Lilla Gubben and her monkey Herr Nilsson.

Also, they have a wide selection of children´s books, classic pieces as Moomins from the Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

Impossible´s opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
11.00h – 15.00h
16.30h -21.00h

Carrer Tantarantana 16, 08003 Barcelona

+34 933 183 819



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