Kak Koy, Japanese restaurant, Gòtic

Back in 2001 Shunka opened its doors perfectly situated in the centre of Barcelona close to both La Boqueria and Santa Catarina food markets. In the year 2008 the owners Hideki Matsuhisa and Xu Zhangchao inaugurated Koy Shunka, haute cuisine in the same area. In 2015 they took the next step, establishing Kak Koy, a must for all the food lovers from Barcelona or abroad.

Entrance restaurant Kak Koy Entrance restaurant Kak Koy Grilled Edamame Grilled Edamame Homemade Anchovies with Tofu Homemade Anchovies with Tofu

Kak Koy is a restaurant were the kitchen and dining area becomes one.
The diners are seated by the shared high bar tables with a view of the Gill / Sumiyaki (the first Sumiyaki established in Barcelona is Carlota Akaneya), were a good part of the goodness takes place. Main part of the dishes are prepared on the grill, it as Edamame, shrimps and Wagya.

Squid Sashimi Squid Sashimi Spicy-Tuna Temaki Spicy-Tuna Temaki

The menu is short, easy to get your hands around and of course everything sounds and tastes delicious!

All the plates are made with fresh top quality ingredients and excellent preparation by the chefs. The service is fast, helpful and professional.

Grilled shrimps Grilled shrimps Sea eel Chirashi Sushi Sea eel Chirashi Sushi

Second time around (first time Koy Shunka) Hideki Matsuhisa and Xu Zhangchao counted with the Catalan architect Pere Cortacans for the interior design. The result is a modern restaurant with clean lines with the feeling of space, were the mix of wood and steel are the main components. The atmosphere is relax and informal.

Important, reservations can only be made two days in advance.

Opening hours Kak Koy:
13.30h – 16.00h /20.00h – 23.00
Closed Monday night and Tuesday all day

Carrer Ripoll 16, 08002 Barcelona

+34 302 84 14


Grilled Wagyu Grilled Wagyu Strawberry and cream Mochi Strawberry and cream Mochi


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