Koku Kitchen Buns, Restaurant, Born

Just 12 days ago the guys behind Koku Kitchen Ramen opened their second restaurant Koku Kitchen Buns in the neighbourhood Born.  If you’re looking for Ramen you will be disappointed because this new spot is all about the Buns!

Koku Kitchen Buns

Edamame at Koku Kitchen Buns

The locale Koku Kitchen Buns is a modern space were the mix of steel, concrete and brick gives it an industrial atmosphere. To break it up they painted the ceiling turquoise-green, which floats together with the tone of the tiles in the open kitchen. Also they built tall wall dividers filled with green plants adding life into the mix.

Koku Kitchen Buns

At Koku Kitchen Buns you can find these freshly steamed pillowy little dreams filled with pulled pork, mushrooms, beef or chicken all served with salad, pickled vegetable and sauce.

The buns are presented in the Bamboo steamer, the meat, salad and pickled veggies are all displayed separately on a metal tray, making your own bun with the ingredients makes the experience more special and of course fun.

Koku Kitchen Buns

Stuff that bun!

What are steamed buns you might ask? It´s bread made with few ingredients and instead of baking it in the oven, it´s steamed in a Bamboo steamer. It´s origin?

Well, it seems to be a battle on whom is the right full owner and it stand between Hirata steamed bun from the Japanese kitchen, Mantou from the Chinese and the Taiwanese Gua Bao, correct me if I´m wrong.

Koku Kitchen Buns Koku Kitchen Buns

The bun boom around the world started of with the American restaurateur David Chang.
Founder of the Momofuku restaurant group in New York. (If you fancy to make your own Bun I found a recipe here by Momofuku.)

Koku Kitchen Buns

Apple crumble dessert at Koku Kitchen Buns

Other dishes that can be found on the menu are the Korean dish Kimchi – spicy and fizzy fermented cabbage, Japanese tempura – battered and deep-fried vegetables, Shitake Yakitori – grilled Shitake skewers or Japanese Don bowls with beef, veggies or chicken.

For the one with a sweet tooth Koku Kitchen Buns have Japanese Mochi´s with green tea or chocolate, apple crumble or why not try a cheesecake with green tea?


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Koku Kitchen Bun´s opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 13.00h – 16.00h and 19.30h – 23.30h
Monday closed

Carrer Comerç 29, 08003 Barcelona

+34 932 696 536





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