La Bombeta, Restaurant, Barceloneta

If you never eaten a Bomba and you are in Barcelona, then get your ..stuff together and head over to restaurant La Bombeta on the street la Maquinista 3, Barceloneta!

Restaurant La Bombeta Restaurant La Bombeta

Now you are asking yourself what´s a Bomba? Good question! Bomba is smooth mashed potatoes stuffed with something, in this case minced meat, formed in to a ball (slightly bigger then a golf ball) then deep fried and served with spicy tomato sauce and aioli.

Crispy outer shell and smooth mashed potatoes on the inside could not get any better, absolutely delicious!

Las Bombas with spicy sauce Las Bombas with spicy sauce

These are by far the tastiest ones I have ever tried and I´m not the only one thinking so as they serve around 2000 unites a week!
One portion serves two Bombas for the price of 3,90€, those two and an ice-cold beer are the perfect bite if you’re peckish before lunch or dinner.

Ensaladilla Rusa, mashed up Bombas and Pimientos de Padrón Ensaladilla Rusa, mashed up Bombas and Pimientos de Padrón

But the well-known restaurant La Bombeta is more then just Bombas, they are located in the fishermen´s neighbourhood Barceloneta that´s famous for its seafood restaurants.

On the menu there are a selection of fresh prawns, squid, clams, mussels and fish mostly served grilled. Also you can find classic´s like Patatas Bravas, Pimientos de Padrón and Ensaladilla Rusa.

Red prawns Red prawns Mixed seafood plate Mixed seafood plate Mixed seafood plate Mixed seafood plate

Here they concentrate on serving food and less about trying to impress with fancy interior design. The decoration of La Bombeta is simple with a bit of a bodega feeling from the old wine barrels over the bar, the tables and chair aren´t elegant or cool just good old seats. The place hasn’t´t been fixed up since god knows when.

Assortment of cold salads Assortment of cold salads Fresh red prawns Fresh red prawns

This family run business is authentic with father and son working and with a staff that seems like they have been working there their whole life.

What kind has become their “slogan” is hand painted in white capital letters underneath the wine barrels – No hablamos ingles pero hacemos unas Bombas cojonudas. Translated in to ingles – We don´t speak ingles but we do awesome Bombas.

In later years they added another phrase – No tenemos Wi-Fi, hablan entre ustedes –we don´t have Wi-Fi, speak to each other. So no need to ask for the Wi-Fi password!

The bar at La Bombeta The bar at La Bombeta La Bombeta La Bombeta


La Bombeta´s opening hours:
Thursday to Tuesday 10.00h – 24.00h
Wednesday closed

Carrer de la Maquinista 3, 08003 Barcelona



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