La Mundana, a Vermuteria turned restaurant, Sants

On the street Vallespir 93 in the neighbourhood Sants, the project La Mundana started out as a Vermutería, a bar where traditionally the clients would gather around to have an appetizer, usually vermouth and something to snack on in between meals.

Small plates and tapas negighbourhood Sant

La Mundana, Barcelona

The owners and chefs Alain Guiard (worked in AbaC with Xavier Pellicer and in Hotel Mandarin with Jean Luc Figueras) and Marc Martín slowly saw their concept evolve from canned clams, cockles and olives in to dishes prepared with quality produce and high culinary technics.

However they managed to maintain the identity of a busy and noisy neighbourhood Vermutería where the clients sit close together and share excellent food and good times.

Restaurant La Mundana Sants, Barcelona

Bravas a La Mundana 6,50€, Barcelona

Restaurant small plates and tapas, neighbourhood Sants

Vermoth at La Mundana, Barcleona

restaurant serving small plates and tapas to share

La Mundana, Barcelona

The locale of La Mundana is small, they count with two bars one facing the open kitchen where you see the chefs cooking up the dishes. In the back a small dining area opens up with light coming in from a small patio. It´s a restaurant is not opted for groups.

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas in Sants

Kitchen at La Mundana, Barcelona

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas in Sants

Wallpaper at La Mundana, Barcelona

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas to share in Sants

La Mundana

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas to share

Razor clam tartar at La Mundana, Barcleona

Upon our visit I called to book a table the same day we wanted to eat at La Mundana, which was not a good idea, as Julia Robert says in pretty Woman “Big mistake. Big. Huge.” So reserve you table a couple of days in advance at least if you want to go on a weekend.

In the end we were very lucky, a couple had pulled out and we got their table!

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas to share in Sants

La Mundana, Barcelona

Restaurant serving small plates and tapas to share

“Cap-i-pota” rice with eel with saffron aioli and teriyaki sauce, La Mundana Barcelona

Shared plates annd tapas to share

Restaurant La Mundana, Barcelona

At La Mundana they work with small plates (bigger then tapas but smaller then a regular dish) designed to be shared, and they recommend 2 to 3 dishes per person.

Their plates are inspired by the Catalan, French, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, you can find that technics used in the kitchen are to smoke, pickle, grill and the oven.

restaurant La Mundana Barcelona

Milhojas with crab and miso mayo 10,50€

Restaurant in neighbourhood Sants, Barcelona

Wallpaper at La Mundana

We ended up with a mix of seafood, meat and rice eats on our table. We entered, ate and left impressed with everything from the presentation of the dishes, flavours, and textures to the well-clocked rhythm of the service.

restaurant Sants

Octopus and pancetta skewers 12,50€ Restaurant La Mundana, Sants

restaurant Sants tapas and plates to share

Egg surprise at La Mundana, Barcelona

tapas and shared plates restaurant La Mundana Barcelona

Smoked deer loin with sweet and sour sauce 12,50€

With which dish did my taste buds rave the hardest? Egg surprise – potato mash with butter, truffled yolk and carbonara foam – 8,50€. Even though the “cap-i-pota” rice with eel with saffron aioli and teriyaki sauce 14€, astonished me.

Cap-i-pota is a Catalán stew with chitterlings of cow as main ingredient, not really up my alley, but by making it into a new dish with rice, saffron and teriyaki it was fantastic.

restaurant La Mundana Barcelona

Chocolate mousse with yuzu cream and marshmallow 7€

Restaurant La Mundana Barcelona

Torrija (french toast) filled with cream 6,50€

If you like restaurants with shared plates check out La Platilleria and SantaGula

Carrer Vallespir 93, 08014 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 13.00h – 15.30h and 20.00h – 23.30h
Friday and Saturday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 00.00h
Sunday 13.00h – 16.00h
Monday closed


+34 934 08 80 23





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