La Platilleria, Tapas bar, Poble Sec

La Platilleria, Tapas bar, Poble Sec

I first heard about tapas bar La Platilleria in June this year from a food-loving acquaintance, she told me that I needed to visit this place and that I would love it!

It took me 6 months, but I made it, and so happy I did. La Platilleria is a hidden little gem, hang on the skirt of the hill Montjuic in the neighbourhood Poble Sec in Barcelona.

The tapas bar is owned by an Argentinian couple, Fernando Silva and Mariela Di Stefano, whom both been working in the restaurant business for a long time, that now wanted to take a step back and open their own place.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

La Platilleria, Poble Sec

We went on a Friday night, we found the almost empty except two other couples. But within 15 minutes the place got full, well that´s not to hard since corner restaurant is small with a very limited amount of seats, so I truly recommend to book your table in advance, so you don´t get turned down at the door.

The decoration of La Platilleria is simple and cosy, the walls painted in olive green combined with white tiles, all the seats are high barstools and the tables narrow, and the bar as the centrepiece of the restaurant.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona


Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

I love when the selection of dishes at places is short and simple, they do few things and they do them well, instead of many and mediocre.

At La Platilleria the selection is short and written on a small chalkboard with around 12 different plates in total. Aside from the menu the waiter also told us the specials of the day, as they work with a season base kitchen the dishes keeps on changing.

The cuisine at La Platilleria is meant to be shared, and the waiter informed us that around two plates per person is a good count.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

Tomino Italian cheese with Iberian ham!

La Platilleria, Tapas bar, Poble Sec 

We ordered a creamy stracciatella of Burrata, which I never manage to capture in the photo, as it was gone before I could say: photo! We also ordered Tomini – 6,90€, melted Italian cheese topped with Iberic ham, their patatas bravas with hot tomato sauce, sliced pepper and an extra drizzle of olive oil – 3,60€, spicy crisp and just delicious.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

Patatas bravas


Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona


From there we moved on to the Rigatoni – 6,70€ presented like cannelloni’s in microformat, perfect size to just scoop right in!

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

Sea bass!

The sea bass with artichokes and a Jerusalem artichoke mousse, of this dish we ordered two since the dish was small and we were four of us. The last of the dishes we had was the fricandó that would a stew in English with thinly sliced beef and veggie.

To finish off we ordered two desserts, crème caramel topped with jam and crumble. The second a tiramisu – 5,10€ that came out from the kitchen in a flowerpot and to our surprise had Pop Rocks in the so we felt like happy children all over again.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona


We finished all very satisfied, the food was savoury and made with love.
If you know you’re a big eater you might want to get some extra dishes, but you can play it by ear and order more as the meal goes on, as the waiters are very attentive and helpful.

Tapas bar La Platilleria, Barcelona

La Platilleria is a great little gem that’s worth checking out, the prices are good, none of the dishes we tried did cost more then 8,80€. Go with a small group of friends and try out the whole selection of dishes!

Other places in Poble Sec worth checking out: Mano Rota, Pakta, Casa de tapas Cañota and Malamén

*Carrer del Roser 82, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Opening hours:
Tuesday closed
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 19.00h – 23.30
Friday and Saturday 12.30h – 15.30h and 19.00h – 00.00h
Sunday 12.30h – 15.30h and 19.00 -23.30h

Spanish, small plates and tapas

+34 934 63 54 01



La Platilleria, Tapas bar, Poble Sec 


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  1. Rokia dice:

    We’re a group of 13 Frenchies coming to Barcelona for a team seminar. We’re looking for a typical spot where we could enjoy local homemade food. Would you have space for us on Oct. 17th for dinner?
    Thank you

  2. Sara dice:

    Hi Rokia,

    Check out Cañete, Bodega La Puntual both places for tapas and plates to share. If you want to have a paella with a view have a look at Terraza Martinez!

    Hope this will help 🙂

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