La Roseta, Café, Barceloneta

La Roseta, Café, Barceloneta

I found the cutest little pit stop wandering the streets of Barceloneta. La Roseta is a small café located on the street Meer 37, between Carrer de l´Almirall Cervera and l´Almirall Aixada.

The locale is petit, light and charming. As I got chatting to Rosa senior and her grandson at the counter, I got to learn café La Roseta´s history. The founder of the café, Rosa, the granddaughter of Rosa, (her name is also Rosa, and more Rosa´s are coming in to the story, hope you don’t get too confused) she had been working in the hotel industry for a long time, and wished to set up her own business.

Said and done Rosa decided to open a café, where better than her childhood neighbourhood Barceloneta. The dream came true and she opened the doors to the café La Roseta a little bit more than a year ago. Its locale belongs to the family and uses to be a petit flat with access directly to the street, in typical Barceloneta spirit, Rosa decided that it would be the perfect location for La Roseta.

The café is family run, from Rosa – grandmother baking cakes, brewing coffee and chatting to the clients, Rosa´s brother attending the clients, then, of course, Rosa her self. Rosa junior is the fourth generation of Rosa´s that how the café got its name.

The mix of clients is wonderful, Rosa´s senior friends popping in to chat about what´s going on in the neighbourhood, weather and wind or what they bought in the food market, blending with the younger friends of her grandchildren passing by for a Cortado and the vacationists having a coffee with a sweet treat as they explore Barceloneta and its beach.

At La Roseta they offer their clients sweet and savoury homemade carrot cake 3,5€, cheesecake, sponge or almond cake 2,5€. From the local bakery Balboa they offer croissants 1,2€, Berlinas 1,2€ and Dronuts 2,5€. For something more filling, they have sandwiches with yummy toppings like avocado, mozzarella and tomato 3,5€, or Brie, pear, walnuts and arugula 4€. To drink you can choose from coffee, tea, juice-3€ or milkshake -3,5€.

La Roseta´s opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 08.30h – 19.00h

Carrer Meer 37, 08003 Barcelona

+34 673 81 69 76



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