LeccaBaffi, Italian deli, Eixample

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli, Eixample

LeccaBaffi is the Italian expression of telling how much you enjoyed the food you tried, like yummy or delicious. I think that´s pretty spot on, LeccaBaffi, for the new Italian deli located on the street corner Valencia 341 with Bailén.

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli


We had the pleasure to be invited by the guys from LeccaBaffi were as we got to know their story. They showed us their selection of Italian quality products and also to try out a selection of their takeaway dishes. Who can say no to pizza with truffle, a big plate of cold cuts and smoked mozzarella and all the goodness washed down with a glass of crisp white wine, right?!

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli


The project LeccaBaffi is set up by three Italians and one belgian that after running restaurants in Italy and in Tunisia, set their eyes on the Catalan capital Barcelona.

When they started looking for a locale they knew they wanted to be based in a part of Barcelona that felt more local, away from the hustle and bustle of down town. Another of the important boxes to tick on the list was that it had to be on a chamfer, so the neighbourhood Eixample was their obvious choice of area.

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

Italian deli LeccaBaffi

Finding the right locale for LeccaBaffi, Frederica one of the owners told me was written in the stars. They arrived in Barcelona on the invite by friends, within no time they found the location they have foreseen, and the rest well it´s history.

The area of the takeaway shop is modern and clean with high ceilings with whitewashed brick walls, to sit in the window sipping a glass of wine transports me to a street corner somewhere in Little Italy in New York.

On the board above the counters, LeccaBaffi lets us know that we can find lasagne, gnocchi, pizza and quinoa if you’re up for something lighter. Every day they do different dishes, they don´t have a set menu so their clients can find fresh new suggestions every day.

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

Quinoa salad

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

The delicatessen area has floor to ceiling wooden shelves covering the wall. Which gives the space rustic feel, I´m just waiting for the old Italian shop owner to ask me if he could be of any assistant.

The selections of Italian products that can be found are of top quality, they opt to sell quality instead of quantity of both wine, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pasta and divers sauces.

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

Italian pasta

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

More pizza please!

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

The Lecca Baffi guys have just been around for a couple of months but are already well integrated into the neighbourhood. It´s easy to understand since they are all friendly and service minded. During our stay, they were busy the whole time with people coming and going.

LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona


LeccaBaffi, Italian deli Barcelona

The guys from LeccaBaffi are not doing anything half done it seems like, they also signed the lease for space next door.
It´s where they are right now redoing the whole thing. It used to be a locksmith shop and they are turning it to a restaurant that is expected to open February 2017 ?. We got to see the interior design inspiration and it looks very, but very promising, so keep your eyes and ears open!

LeccaBaffi opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 11.00h – 21.00h

Carrer Valencia 341, 08009 Barcelona

+34 935 28 76 93






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