Let’s Drunch Gastronomic experience in Barcelona

The concept Let´s Drunch is a dinner party were the gastronomy meets music and design in unique locations around Barcelona.

Let´s Drunch finished its last weekend of their second season, it might seem weird that I´m telling you about it now when it finished, but it´s just so you can book it in for when the third season begins (that we hope will be soon!).

Photo Let´s Drunch Photo Let´s Drunch Strawberry gaspacho with Feta cheese and anchovies Strawberry gaspacho with Feta cheese and anchovies Bum Bum Box Bum Bum Box

For me it was my first time trying out this kind of event, were all the diners get to meet known or unknown faces, interact, socialise and connect through food.

We can all book a table in a restaurant and go out for a meal with friends, but this is stepping up the game with secret location, the menu and the fellow diners.

At Let´s Drunch the mix of people is great, smaller group of friends celebrating a birthday, tourists visiting Barcelona and locals, all of us looking for that new food experience.

Cheers! Cheers! Food prep at Let´s Drunch Food prep at Let´s Drunch

The location of the event were a house from the 15th century in the heart of Born, that has been transformed in to a beautiful gastronomic show cooking space – Born to cook. Actually there was a rumour going around saying that it was the house of Christopher Columbus!

The Let´s drunch dinner party experience lasts 6 hours, starts just as I passed the doorstep, the event producer Rodolfo Madera, which also adds architect and interior designer in Barcelona, Madrid and Dominican Republic to his résumé, greeted me with a glass of ¡HOLA! cava.

Charming settings at Let´s Drunch Charming settings at Let´s Drunch

Once inside, chef Alex López Cano and his team were preparing the dishes, we had the opportunity to chat with them to get the dishes explained as they were working.

For starters and snacks which were all indulged standing up meeting and greeting the fellow diners, we got to savour a shot of strawberry gaspacho with feta cheese and anchovies, a heavenly tender Carpaccio of tuna belly with miso, romesco and wakame.  Steamed brioche with candied bacon and cep duxelle, saffron gnocchi with mussels.

Tuna belly carpaccio with miso, romesco nad wakame Tuna belly carpaccio with miso, romesco and wakame

At the free bar we could top up our glasses at any moment, they served red and white wine from Bodegas Torres, the beer Inedit by Ferran Adriá and Estrella Damm.

When the main courses were announced we got seated, Rodolfo and Alex wishes us all welcome, explained the rest of the menu to come and wished for us to let loose and to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The main courses were divided in to three, first out chard raviolis with quinoa and fresh cheese, salmon tataki on a bed of coconut rice with lime and ginger, cannelloni of duck breast and apple.

Before the dessert we got served a mini Gin Tonic to clean our palates and to be able to fully cherish the sweet treat coming up. The dessert was three textures of chocolate, coffee and cardamom melting on the tounge.

Numen water Numen water Saffron gnocchi with mussels Saffron gnocchi with mussels Inedit beer Inedit beer

The mix of textures, flavours and colours brought out in each and every dish, the music played all night by the Bum Bum Box, the decoration and dim lights, the Gin Tonics by Ginraw and the good company made the Let´s Drunch experience unique, fun and exceptional.

I would recommend Let´s Drunch dinner party to everyone that loves the power of food to bring people together, that enjoys socialising and wants to try new ways to meet people.

Let´s Drunch´s duration:
6 hours


+34 615 696 759



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