Live a unique food and wine pairing with Bouquet Experience in Barcelona

An hour in to the Bouquet Experience Toni say’s, let’s kill the myth that red wine and cheese are the only perfect match.

But the when Toni, our expert in the field of food and wine pairing, made us match the sweet wine Pedro Ximénez “Don PX” with cheeses from Spain, France and Italy. I hardly want to admit it, but he was right, it was a perfect duo.

Wine and food pairing with Bouquet Experience, Barcelona

But let’s start from the beginning. The countries around the Mediterranean Sea are world know for their cuisine and of contrasting culinary experiences, so when Bouquet Experience invited me to participate in a 3 hour long journey along the Via Augusta, from Rome in Italy via France, the Iberian peninsula all the way to the south of Spain, who can say no?

Food and wine paring Barcelona

Toni Cot from Bouquet Experience

The recently opened Bouquet Experience invited us to take part of their gastronomic universe, under the same ceiling we find the win bar, restaurant and unique food and wine experiences.

Located on the street Roger de Lluria 35, between the streets Gran Via and Diputació, the space offers a warm and modern interior design, were the wine stands in the centre of attention.

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Private room at Bouquet to live the Bouquet Experience

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Crash course in wine pouring at Bouquet Experience

We started our journey in Italy with an aperitif and a glass of Prosecco paired with Italian delicacies. While we tasted the assorted wine and food Toni illustrated the essential history of enological, gastronomic and cultural influences that later have become important corner stones in the Italian cuisine.

Food and wine pairing

Bouquet Experience Barcelona

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

How to pour wine the right way!

As we continued the Via Augusta trail we jumped the boarder to France, here the foie gras come in three different shapes and excellently paired with a white wine, which surprised my taste buds.

Food and wine pairing

Swirl and smell the wine at Bouquet Experience, Barcelona

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Foie gras prepared three ways

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Bouquet Experience, Barcelona

As we marched via Barcelona down to the Tarragona region we got to feel the forces of wine from Montsant and Priorat, one smoother and more pleasing to the palate. But which worked best with the meat dish served?

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Cheese platter at Bouquet Experience

As we reached the south a plate of three cheeses from Spain, France and Italy, combined with the sweet Pedro Ximénez “Don PX”, I repeat, it was a perfect duo.

Food and wine pairing Barcelona

Cheese platter at Bouquet Experience

Barcelona food and wine pairing

Gorgonzola with marmalade

As the food and wine pairing with Bouquet Experience was coming to an end, we set sails back over the Mediterranean Sea to Italy sipping on a special kind of gin tonic..

Barcelona wine and food pairing

Making our own special gin tonic at Bouquet Experience

Bouquet Experience

The all over experience was fantastic, great value for the money. I left with new knowledge with in gastronomic and enological history of all three of the countries, the way to pair food and wine, and experience combinations new to me.

Toni our host, showed fantastic capacity to engage and stimulate our senses, to keep the spirit up and keep us on our toes! How is the next one to strike a yellow card?

Wine and food pairing Barcelona

Bouquet Experience

All the wines we tried and tested along The Via Augusta Experience can be enjoyed in the restaurant and brought home with you.

You can find more then 20 exclusive Bouquet Experience (different price ranges) in Spanish, English, French and Catalan to choose from on their website, link.


The Via Augusta – enological and gastronomic experience: 50€/person



Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 35, 08009 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 08.00h – 22.00h

+34 933 221 949





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