Lizy´s Kitchen, Take away shop, Sitges

Lizy´s Kitchen can be found on the small street Sant Bonaventura in the beautiful whitewashed coastal town Sitges, south of Barcelona.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Behind the take away shop Lizy´s Kitchen we find two expats, Lisa from California, who worked as a primary school teacher for 20 years and in her spare time catered desserts to both friends and restaurants around Sitges.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

When Lisa decided to fulfill her dream and embark on a new adventure to open her own place, she got to know Suzy through her blog, who previously worked in the catering business in London.


Together they worked out a concept inspired by the way of eating in the big cities around the globe.

They sell two original salads a day with different pulses and grains, raw and roasted vegetables with different seasonings and dressings. As you can hear it´s not the typical iceberg lettuce with some sad slices of tomato and tinned sweet corn!

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Filling salad with beans

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Different salads that can be found at Lisy´s Kitchen

In the winter they do a distinct soup a day, except Tuesdays, that´s when Suzy goes to the market in the morning to get inspired and stock up on seasonal vegetables and other ingredients needed for the week a head. The soup is served warm and with freshly homemade Focaccia bread.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Warm soups for take away

During the warmer months they change the hearty soups for sandwiches with toppings, which are changing on a daily basis. When I asked when they would start with the sandwiches both Lisa and Suzy laughed and answered; when we stop being cold! So we just have to keep track of their Facebook and Instagram, right?

For the ones with a sweet tooth, don´t think Lisa and Suzy haven´t though of you, here you can find a variety of cakes and cookies made daily by hand. They take orders for all different types of dessert, from cookies, cupcakes to birthday cakes.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Dreamy pastry

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

At Lizy´s Kitchen they have a small selection of high quality brands like coffee from Onna roasters, Pipers crisps, Fentimans botanical drinks and Pukka tea, which are basically impossible to find in regular grocery stores.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Cookbook collection

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

I you can´t wait until you get home to brew yourself a cup, you can just order a coffee to enjoy directly in the take away shop.

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

If you’re interested to visit Lizy´s Kitchen and you are staying in Barcelona it´s just a 45-minute ride on the train, and why not make a whole day out of it?

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Bliss balls

Take away Lizy´s kitchen Sitges

Pick up your take away meal and afternoon sweet at Lizy´s Kitchen, head down to the beach and enjoy the sunshine.


Carrer de Sant Bonaventura 3, 08870 Sitges, Spain

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 10.30h – 18.00h
Saturday 10.30h – 17.00h
Sunday and Monday closed

Cuisine: Take away, salads 7€, soups 4,50€, cakes and cookies. Flat white 1,90€, Americano 1,75€ and Espresso 1,50€

+34 646 63 02 54




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