Lulu cafe bistro bar Born Barcelona

In the beginning of 2016 Lulu café-bistro bar opened it´s doors in the neighbourhood Born, on the street Avenida del Marquès de l´Argentera 7.

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Lulu café and bistro bar

Swedish Marija and Canadian Katie manage this small café-bistro, they serve up sweet and salty delights from 09.00 to 00.00. During the day it´s a quiet café that in the evening transforms in to a lively bar.

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona


On the menu we can find trendy dishes such as chia pudding, porridge and buckwheat waffles. The last two, I haven´t seen in other places Barcelona, correct me if I´m wrong.

There´s no meat to be found in any of the dishes at Lulu, the kitchen is flexitarian, so we find salmon, tuna and dairy products together with otherwise a plant based cuisine. The menu at Lulu café bistro is easy to understand (not to choose from if your like me that wants it all..) and produce they use are organic or locally produced.

If your not in to all this healthy stuff, Lulu café-bistro also serve up cocktail, organic wine and artisan beer.

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Perfect breakfast!

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

I visited Lulu café bistro bar with a friend, I knew we were in for a treat, yes I have been stocking them on Instagram for a while. All the pictures look mouth watering!

We ordered the avocado and egg toast on sourdough bread, it´s a good size sandwich and instead of the typical poached egg, they have opted to do it with classic boiled egg.

The classic breakfast dish porridge they pimped with fruits and nuts topped with blueberries and sliced banana, perfect for the one that like is sweet.

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Porridge LOVE

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Smoothie in the making

Chocolate smoothie that from my point of view got “grown up” points, with a rich chocolate flavour and less sweet, which I loved.

Instead of coffee we ordered a matcha latte, which is something I drink on a daily basis at home, because it´s just so darn good! At Lulu you can choose between cow milk or plant based milk.

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Breakfast in a bowl at Lulu´s

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona


Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Perfection – chocolate smoothie

Lulu café-bistro bar, Barcelona

Lulu café and bistro bar

The local is tiny and has been restored with minimalistic design, wooden tables and high bar chairs, to give a pop of colour they stocked up with lush green plants.

As Lulu café bistro has a reduced number of seats indoor, they offer their costumers to enjoy the terrace located right outside. As Barcelona is known for having pretty much great weather all the time, the outdoor seats can be used all year around.

Avenida del Marquès de l´Argentera 7, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Opening hours:
Open daily
Sunday to Wednesday 09.00h – 23.00
Thursday 09.00h – 00.00h
Friday and Saturday 09.00h – 01.00h

Toasts 5€ – 8€, salad 8€ add more toppings from 1,50€ – 3,50€, smoothies 5€,

Phone: +34 933 15 01 73





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