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Carrer Torrijos in Gràcia is blooming, when I first moved to Gràcia (ok, we are talking over 10 years ago) there wasn´t anything really except the Mexican restaurant next to the movie theatre Verdi. Now there´re plenty of places to choose from, bars, cafés and pastry shops. One of the places that belong to the “new” era is Mama´s Cafe on Torrijos 26.

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

Sure, Mama´s Cafe is not brand new, it´s been open around 4 years already. The locale is minimalistic in white with seats for their clients in wood. What really brings the magic to this place is the patio that can´t be seen from the street.

The terrace is shielded by winding Bougainvillea and other lush plants, which brings the noise down and gives a feel of privacy.

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

The kitchen at Mama´s Cafe is non-stop all day American, just like owner and chef Christina Czerniawski. She is originally from Chicago and that’s where is learnt to cook, but not until she had her daughters she understood the importance of the way to eat.

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

Roast beef sandwich

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona
Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

Roasted turkey sandwich

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

Lunch in the cute patio of Mama´s cafe

So when Mama´s Cafe opened they decided to try to use as many local and organic products they could, which is not only great for taste and quality but also for the environment and the local businesses.

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

Roasted turkey sandwich

Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona


Café Mama´s Cafe Barcelona

On the menu we can find artisan sandwiches with roasted turkey with bacon and Swiss cheese or roast beef with Gruyere and sautéed onions and mushrooms.
For the ones that find it hard to get out of bed in the early morning they are lucky, because on the menu we can find breakfast all day long!
What about some scrambled eggs with ground beef or if you don´t dig the salty stuff Mama´s cafe also offer Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or pastries of the day. During the week, from 13.00h they also serve plate of the day or vegetarian plate of the day.

On our visit we enjoyed roast beef sandwich – 9,40€, roasted turkey – 9,60€. We shared a good sized RAW salad for 8,70€.

Drinks: bottle beer 3,50€, Flat white 1,50€, chai tea 2.20€

Mama´s Cafe is the perfect spot to get a wholesome meal in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Mama´s Cafe opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 09.00h -21.00h
Thursday to Saturday 09.00h – 24.00h

Carrer de Torrijos 26, 08012 Barcelona

+34 932 100 050



Mama´s cafe Bcn


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