Martínez, restaurant with panoramic view of Barcelona

With one of the best panoramic views over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, restaurant Martinez attracts a big crowd. But don´t you think it´s just because of the view, the paellas are darn fine as well!

panoramic view over Barcelona

Restaurant Martínez, Barcelona

The weekends are the busiest at restaurant Martinez, and now even more so as the temperatures are getting closer 20 degrees Celsius, blue sky and the sunbeams bright.
It´s as we all woken up from a long winter sleep and now we need to recharge our batteries in the sun while we savour delicious tapas and paella, matched it with a nice bottle of wine, of course!

Restaurant Terraza Martínez

We started of with a glass of cava at Martínez

Restaurant Martínez

Martínez, Barcelona

The day of our visit to restaurant Martinez was amazing, clear blue sky, a fantastic view over Barcelona and it´s harbour (don´t forget to bring your camera because from here you will get many instagram friendly pictures).

restaurant Martínez

View from Montjuic, Barcelona

paella tapas seafood

Restaurant Martínez, Barcelona

We were a big group of 14 having our reservation for the second seating, we went straight for the paella, since we already done the Vermut in the park next to Martinez.
Normally the wait for paella is around 30 minute form the moment you place your order (but could be longer depending on the work load in the kitchen), so it´s always good to get some tapas to share before hand.

Restaurant terraza Martínez

Chicken and rabbit paella at restaurant Martínez, Barcelona

seafood paella and tapas restaurant

From top to bottom; Chicken & rabbit, Señorito and red prawn paella at Martínez, Barcelona

We decided to order 3 different paellas between all of us, Señorito (pealed prawns, mussels and fish), Martinez style rice with rabbit and chicken and rice with red prawn, this one full of flavours from the sea, totally my favourite!

Martínez seafood paella tapas restaurant

Red prawn paella

View over Barcelona from Montjuic

Can you see Christopher Columbus?

Spanish Red prawn paella

Paella at Martínez, Barcelona

It seemed like quiet a few around the table favoured the chicken and rabbit, but why go with the stream? I´m more of a red prawn kind of girl!

spanish paella tapas and seafood restaurant Barcelona

Red prawn paella at Martínez

Montjuic, Barcelona

Paella seafood and tapas resataurant

Terraza Martinez

The paella took over an hour to get, as Martinez was jammed and before I knew it I had to run. The rest stayed and enjoyed the dessert and a digestif of orujo de hierbas (herbal liquor) as the sun settled behind Montjuic.

Terraza Martínez

As we waited for the paella there was time for a selfie!

View from Montjuic, Barcelona

The bill ended up on 45€/ person including cava, wine, water, paella and dessert.

For you guys that don´t like paella or the Catalan version Fideúa (like a paella but with small spaghetti) you are not excluded. The have seafood, fish and meat on the grill.

seafood tapas and paella restaurant Barcelona

Oysters on ice at restaurant Martínez

Restaurant Martínez, Barcelona

restaurant Martínez Barcelona

Oysters at Martínez

They have the menu Formula Martinez which includes Vermut + the meal + dessert + drinks for 45€. To see exactly what you can pick and choose from click on the link.

*** If you are going on the weekend make sure you book your table in advance, as Martinez tends to get fully booked.


Ctra. de Miramar, 38, 08038 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Sunday to Sunday 13.00h – 01.30h

Kitchen open from 13.00h to 23.00h

+34 931 06 60 52






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