Pappa Sven, Swedish restaurant, Sant Antoni

Swedish restaurant Pappa Sven is located on the street Villaroel 22, between Sepulveda and Floridablanca, in the central area Sant Antoni of Barcelona.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Pappa Sven

The owner of Pappa Sven Nina Olsson has served up classic Swedish dishes with a modern twist for over six years to the Barcelona crowd. As a fellow swede I have to say she is pushing all my buttons to transport me back home to my parents house.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Pickled herring

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Elderflower snaps

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Pickled herring

On our visit at Pappa Sven, Nina and the crew took us on a culinary trip through the Swedish flavour spectrum. For starters we savoured the classic dish pickles herring, beautifully plated in a new and innovative way. To accompany Nina offered her home made elderflower snaps.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Foie gras in shape of a Ferrer Rocher

The other starter was Ferrero Rocher look-a-like, foie gras covered on chocolate and hazelnut, maybe not Swedish, but delicious!

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Ceviche the Swedish way

The classic Swedish kitchen involves it´s fair share of Ättika, which translates in to white distilled vinegar. A common ingredient back in the days to prepare pickled herring, vegetables and also used in pastries, stews and chutneys.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona
At Pappa Sven they used white distilled vinegar to prepare a ceviche á la Swede, filled with hake, shrimp and scallop topped with cream fraiche, a fun and tasty way to fuse two contrasting cuisines.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Duck breast

Coming from Sweden smoked food is probably part of our DNA, so when the plate of duck breast served with salt baked peaches covered with a cloche filled with alder smoke was lifted in front of us, all the happy memories from my childhood came back to me.

It´s so incredible how tastes and smells can transport us back in time to places and passed events.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Grilled deer with flavors from the Swedish forest

The last courses before we headed over to the sweets we savoured a deer with flavours from the deep Swedish forest. The deer was accompanied with a rice made of root vegetables and gravy with juniper and lingonberry.

Pappa Sven Swedish restaurant, Barcelona

Chocolate dessert

To end the perfect dinner we savoured a chocolate ice cream served with churros and Bavarian vanilla cream, bliss!

The restaurant Pappa Sven is the place to go to savour Swedish flavours with a contemporary note in a relaxed ambient. Bring family and friends to try a different cuisine were everything is homemade with love.

Tuesday to Friday there´s a daily set menu 14€.

*** Now with Christmas around the corner Pappa Sven starts taking reservations to the yearly Swedish Julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord) filled to the brim with traditional Christmas food. Day time 30€/person, night and weekend 35€/person.

Pappa Sven´s opening hours:
Tuesday 13.30h -17.00h
Wednesday to Thursday 13.30h – 17.00h and 20.30h – 00.00h
Friday and Saturday 13.30h -17.00h and 20.30 – 01.00h
Sunday and Monday closed

Carrer de Villaroel 22, 08011 Barcelona

+34 932 92 82 39





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