Parking Pizza, Restaurant, Eixample

Parking Pizza on the street Londres 98 in Barcelona,  gives us a good clue on what we are in for. Pizza, pizza and more pizza!!!

I could not be happier that during the colder part of the year they decided to open this new pizza place, because when the cold winter bites our cheeks and our feet are cold in those summer sneakers, now and then we all crave warm carbohydrates in our bodies!

Yes, I know we are not living in the north of Sweden with -35 degrees Celsius and we shouldn´t be complaining, since the temperature basically never goes below 4 Celsius in Barcelona during the winter..

Parking Pizza is a great concept, a easy short menu of pizzas with delicious toppings like pecorino, gorgonzola, taleggio, butifarra, green asparagus, spicy Sobrasada, spinach and fresh herbs.

As appetizer they offer four different dishes, and for salad option they have three distinct to choose from, the same goes for the desserts, Tiramisu, brownie and ice cream. I love how simple the menu is, not having to choose between a million different plates.

The drink list is equally short, lager beers, artisan beers and wine, simplicity at its best!

I went with a friend and we decided to share all the dishes, as we made our order the waitress came with the red wine (Anexe, D.O de Montsant) and amazingly tasty olives.

We first we opted for the green leaf salad with roasted vegetables and Parmesan cheese just to feel slightly more healthy. The pizza we went for had speck, Scamorza (Italian fresh curd cheese), Parmesano Reggiano and rocket salad.

It was totally delish with the salty speck, the crispy rocket salad and the shaved Parmesan. After we had to get our sweet tooth satisfied, so we tried the Tiramisu, and yes it was good!

Parking Pizza is one-space restaurant with long wooden tables to share, the decoration is simple but romantic with vintage mirrors and dried flowers, the atmosphere is relaxed with helpful and friendly staff. A great place to meet with family and friends to settle you pizza itch.


Important they don´t take reservations, so it´s “first to the mill does the grinding” as we would say in Swedish;)


Parking Pizza´s opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 23.00h
Friday & Saturday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 24.00h

Carrer de Londres 98, 08036 Barcelona

+34 936 33 96 45



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