Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

The Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche in Sants is located in a bit of an unknown territory, to me, but also to the majority of people visiting Barcelona.

On the small street Hostafrancs de Sio 11, just a stone throw from the Hostafrancs market, Peruvian dishes are being cooked with dramatic colour and vibrant flavour.

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

The first hint that Santa Ceviche might have something memorable up it sleeve (except that a friend seem to live here, she’s visiting more often then she like to admit), are the two ladies in the kitchen. I like seeing women cooking and these women didn’t disappoint.

They keep the heat up behind the cockers to bring us intense flavours from Peru, using herbs and spices like coriander, lime, chilli, ginger and different peppers.

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Dining area at Santa Ceviche

The dining area is small with white washed walls and rustic furniture. Me eyes are drawn to the colours of the artisan tablecloths, which gives the simple decor at restaurant Santa Ceviche a warm and homey feel.

This restaurant is perfect for a tranquil lunch or dinner with friends and family, the ambiance is super casual and relaxed.

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Tequeños with huancaína

As we were a group of friends visiting we decided on sharing all the dishes. We opted for three starters, first out, Tequeños con huancaína 7,50€ (a sauce made from ají pepper, milk, fresh cheese and oil).

Causita Limeña a dish made with cold mash potato with lemon and yellow ají, filled with tuna, onion mayonnaise and sliced avocado 8€.

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Causita Limeña

The third was Ceviche with yellow ají pepper 11,90€, served with choclo, gigantic Peruvian corn, and sweet potato.
The Ceviche is first marinated in «Tiger milk» then tossed in yellow ají sauce, was the clear winner. Even though the Causa Limeña gave a good run for it.

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Ceviche with yellow ají

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Lomo salteado – stir fried beef with vegetables

Peruvian restaurant Santa Ceviche, Sants

Pescado salteado – stir fried fish with vegetables

We moved on to the mains, and here watch out, we split two main between the 5 of us! The sizes of these dishes can feed two persons with out starters.

Lomo salteado, stir fried marinated beef with vegetables 13,50€ and Pescado salteado, stir fried fish with vegetables 13,50€, both of the dishes comes with rice on the side.

If I were you I would run here before everybody knows about this gem, the staff is friendly, great tasting food and you get a lot for you money!

Special recommendation? Lomo salteado, this this made my taste buds rock.

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Carrer d’Hostafrancs de Sió, 11, 08014 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 13.00h – 16.00h
Friday and Saturday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 23.00h
Sunday 12.00h – 16.00h
Monday closed

+34 932 69 61 48




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