Poké Maoli, Hawaiian poke take away, Barceloneta

The new gastronomy trend, Hawaiian fresh fish bowl or Poke bowl, has hit the shores of Barcelona.

Poké Maoli is the first Poke bowl take away establishment in Barcelona, it perfectly located a stone throw from the Barceloneta beach on the street Sevilla 80.

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli

So what´s a Poke bowl (It’s pronounced POH-keh), well if someone would have told me before I saw the trend in Los Angeles back in May, I would easily have thought it as a Japanese thing, because of the combination of raw fish and rice.

But these gems have been traditional Hawaiian food for centuries, and now they past from Hawaii to Los Angeles to Europe and Barcelona.  It´s a mix between raw and cooked, cold and hot, crunchy and soft ingredients all mixed in the same bowl.

There´re five easy steps to create your own poke bowl at Poké Maoli.
To start, there´s two sizes to chose from small 9,90€/ large 12,90€. You chose a base, which can be rice or quinoa. Next step is chose a source of protein can be fish, octopus or tofu, which is marinated in a sauce of choice.

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

Poké bowl prep

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

From there the final step, to choose your toppings, edamame beans, avocado or yellow pickled daikon. It´s very straight forward, if your not a very indecisive person that is, but the guys working at Poké Maoli knows well how to get the best combinations so don´t be afraid to get some recommendations from them.

Once you crafted your own poke bowl of goodness you can either sit on one of their four chairs, it´s a take away spot, or you take your bag and hit the beach.

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

Take away Poké bowl

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

On my visit I got to try two different kinds, tuna and octopus with quinoa base and a coriander dressing (dressing of the week). The other poke bowl had salmon and crab marinated in Kimchi sauce, the base of rice and a mixed topping.

My favourite the tuna and octopus poke bowl with the coriander dressing!

Poké bowl at Poké Maoli, Barceloneta Barcelona

The poke bowls from Poké Maoli are fresh, healthy and full of flavours. There are almost an infinite number of combinations to be made and every week they have one new sauce to kick it up another knotch.

Poké Maoli´s opening hours:
Open every day
Monday to Sunday 12.00h – 20.00h

Carrer de Sevilla 80, 08003 Barcelona

+34 936 31 77 68





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