Red Ant, Restaurant, Born

On a small side street in the district Born the Asian restaurant Red Ant, sister restaurant to Mosquito, is quietly nestled in, actually just across de from the Italian restaurant Meneghina that I wrote about in a previous post link.

Restaurant Red Ant Restaurant Red Ant

 The restaurant is a dark one-room space with red and black painted walls and seats of dark brown wood with natural light simmering in from the street.
The ambiance and feel of Red Ant brings you to a backstreet somewhere in Asia, the colours, the light and of course the food.

The bar at restaurant Red Ant The bar at restaurant Red Ant

Here you can savour Asian organic flour noodle in rich broths accompanied by pork, pork belly or vegetables, Chinese style curry Mapu Dofu, marinated pork ribs or appetizing pork belly bun. They have a good selection of craft and bottled national and international beers. Red Ant is popular as the food is good and the prices are reasonable.

Organic flour noodles Organic flour noodles Marinated pork ribs Marinated pork ribs

Pork belly bun Pork belly bun Rice pudding with mango Rice pudding with mango Chocolate and green tea mochi Chocolate and green tea mochi

Red Ant is small and fills up very fast, if you’re a bigger group be there early to make sure you don´t get turned down in the door.


Red Ant´s opening hours:
Wednesday to Monday 13.00h – 23.30h
Tuesday´s 18.30h – 23.30h

Carrer dels Tiradors 5, 08003 Barcelona

+34 935 01 68 60



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