Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants is a small restaurant with big flavors.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants Barcelona
Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants

Located on the small and tranquil street l’Espanya Industrial 22, in the mostly residential area Sants in Barcelona. In the latest years, the scene is changing, new gems are popping up and restaurant Petit Pau was one of the first putting Sants on the foodie map.


The restaurant is small and cozy, nevertheless, it’s not uncomfortable. They have done a serious calculation with how many tables and diners can fit adequately and they don’t bend their rule. They don’t accept parties of more then 4 persons. If you are 5 wanting to dine, look for another restaurant. In total Petit Pau can host 16 diners at a time.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants Barcelona
Potato gratin and sirloin filet at restaurant Petit Pau, Sants

Since the restaurant is limited, it easily gets fully booked. So make sure you make your reservation in advance. They take bookings up to 8 weeks in advance.

The dining space is not the only thing that’s small or short in this case. The menu has 6 starters and 6 mains, which I find absolutely fabulous. I detest long menus, I never know where to start ( even though it’s logical to start from the beginning) and I can never ever make up my mind. Starters between 15,70€ and 17,30€. Mains 19,80€ and 26€.


Our table of three hungry and exciting foodie ladies dived right in. We ordered three starters and two mains to shared between us. The plates are not thought to share like tapas or platillos, but we shared everything.

Starting off with hard-shell clams and Penny bun mushrooms 17,30€. We cleaned out that plates darn fast, almost licking the plate, luckily we had bread to do the job for us.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants
Hard-shell clams with Peny bun mushrooms

The second starter, poached egg with horn of plenty mushrooms, rustic potato mash and cecina 16,20€. Cecina is similar to Iberic ham, but made with beef salted, smoked and air dried.  Just writing these words I’m starting to drool.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants
Poached egg with horn of plenty, potato mash and cecina at restaurant Petit Pau
Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants
Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants

The last of the starters, a rice dish with duck and artichoke 16,50€. This one plate was good, but the other two starters killed it. No photo of this dish.

For main the lamb confit with cheese, and to contrast the fattiness of the meat freshly chopped tomato and basil 20,90€.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants Barcelona
Lamb confit with cheese and freshly chopped tomato and basil at restaurant Petit Pau, Sants

The grilled sirloin filet served with a potato gratin 20,10€. The potato thinly sliced, which created the most beautiful pattern.

Restaurant Petit Pau, Sants
Look at that potato gratin

All the dishes were utterly delicious and made me dream of my parents cooking back home. Well cooked and seasoned, rustic, seasonal, traditional and heartwarming flavours.  Guys, it’s a must go!



Who goes:
Locals & travelling foodies

Carrer Espanya Industrial 22, 08014 Barcelona

Tuesday to Saturday  20h – 23.30h
Sunday and Monday closed

+34 933 31 32 75




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