Sants Food Tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona

A Sants food tour with Culinary Backstreets – We were a small group of food enthusiasts meeting up to join Culinary Back Streets on their A day in Sants – Feasting off the grid. It all started us off with a deep dive in the local food market – Mercat de Sants.

Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona
Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona

At Mercat de Sants we visit the different stands to get to know the local produce. Also, this is the place we get to know and to try the Catalan Desayuno de Forquilla or Fork Breakfast. No ridiculous sweet cereals with milk here!

As we eat with fork and knife different Catalan dishes, Paula, our tour guide on this Sants food tour, fills us in on the local history of the neighbourhood.

Sants food market
Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona

The magnificent building that is Mercat de Sants was inaugurated back in 1913, after 15 years of construction.

At the fishmonger at Sants food market

The neighbourhood Sants has for me and many others been flying a bit under the radar, so it’s kind of unknown territory.
It hasn’t drawn the big tourist crowds that we can find in the centre of Barcelona.

Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona

People of Sants has done a good job in conserving the charm of the area, old shops, bodegas and restaurants. Although there are new businesses popping up, in all, it’s still very much an authentic working-class residential area and we hope it stays that way.

Cheese and cold cuts
Cheese and cold cuts

As the morning drew towards the small hours before lunch we got to try and test a selection of local and national products in the form of cheese and cold cuts.

Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona

As we walked around the area we saw many beautiful buildings and cool street art.

One of Barcelona’s authentic bars – Bar Salvatge – a great pit stop for a vermut some olives and boquerones.

Sants food tour, Culinary Backstreets, Barcelona
Chocolate factory filled to the brim with easter eggs and monas!

We stopped by an old school chocolate factory, seeing first hand the labor that goes in to creating the typical Catalan easter eggs and monas.

After all the walking we worked up an appetite and Paula announced that it was lunch o’clock! We savoured classic Catalan cuisine and local wine at a traditional restaurant bodega.

Before we separated from our almost 5-hour experience with Culinary Backstreets, Paula took us to try the sparkling local drink Cava and assortment of sweet treats!

Culinary Backstreets tour is a great way to explore and experience the less known neighbourhood Sants.

Don’t forget to check out the other two tours they run in the city;
Bodega; Barcelona Barrio Tradition, in bulk, in the neighbourhoods Sant Antoni /Paralel and Made in Catalonia in the neighbourhood Gracia

Culinary Backstreets operate in Sants:
Monday to Friday 09.30

Approx. 5hours

135€/ per person

Group size:
2-7 persons


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