Séte, Seafood Lovers Paradise

Séte, seafood lovers paradise in the south of France, a maritime city that will charm you with its seafood. Oysters, wedge clams, mussels, heaven!

Oyster shucking -Séte, seafood lovers paradise
Oyster shucking at food market Les Halles – Séte, seafood lovers paradise

Séte is built upon and around Mont Saint Clair, surrounded by water, facing east the Mediterranean Sea, to the west Bassin de Thau and the canal flowing through the city.

Sète also known as the Venice of Languedoc!

Fishermen returning to port after a long day at sea – Séte, seafood lovers paradise

With water all around the quaint city of Sète, naturally, this town runs on seafood! For decades families making their daily bread of the Mediterranean Sea and lagoon Bassin de Thau.

All the freshness from the lagoon and the Mediterranean you can try in restaurants around town and at the food market Les Halles.

The shellfish and fish are as locally sourced as it can be. The saltwater lagoon Bassin de Thau providing perfect conditions to farm the delicacies of Séte – oysters, wedge clams, sea snails and mussels. Along with the Mediterranean Sea catering the freshest of fish.

At the market, there are fishmonger selling plates with mixed seafood to be sampled directly in the market with a bottle of chilled white wine! Pretty awesome pitstop right?!

Sète seafood lovers paradise -plates with fresh prawns and oyster
Sète seafood lovers paradise -plates with fresh prawns and oyster

Interesting fact! Sète became an important port in France in the year 1666 when Luis XIV, known as Louis the Great, inaugurated Canal du Midi. The canal starts next to Séte and the Mediterranean Sea. Runs 240km to Toulouse. In Toulouse, Canal du Midi connects with The Garonne, which flows all the way to Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean.

Séte, seafood lovers paradise
Taking a swim in the canal – Séte, seafood lovers paradise

Séte, seafood lovers paradise

Our 1-day visit to Sète was WAY too short! Not complaining, just stating that if you are going I would recommend at least 2 full days to soak up the chilled French vibe and devour ALL the excellent seafood!

We had a full-on schedule on our visit. We experienced so much of charming French city Sète. To our help, we had amazing Marie-France Parra from l’Office de tourisme de Sète.

She showed us the humble fishermen neighbourhood to the beautiful views from the highest peak of Mont Sant Clair. The quaint streets in the centre, Les Halles and relaxed lunch at one of the restaurants on the gorgeous beach.

If you’re longing to escape Barcelona for a couple of days I highly recommend you to visit Sète!!

Séte, seafood lovers paradise

If you are planning to visit the French gem Sète this summer you can travel by train, a greener alternative. Spanish and French RENFE and SNCF will get you there in less than 3 hours with the high-speed train.
The direct line operates from the 30th of June to the 2’nd of September (2019).

If you are not up for sandy beaches, oysters and slow pace. Have a look at the other 15 international destinations you can visit in France with RENFE and SNCF high-speed trains!

For example, they offer direct connections, Barcelona – Paris in 6 hours and 19 minutes, pretty awesome right!

The train with a stop in Sète is operating from 30th of June to the 2 of September (2019).

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