Sil´s cakes, American pastry, Gràcia

Walking by Sil´s Cakes and not freeze outside the shop window for a moment is impossible. If your anything like me, you have to go into the shop and buy at least a brownie or a cookie. Of course that is after I drooled over all the mouth-watering pastries.

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

Sil´s Cakes is an American pastry shop located in the Barcelonese neighbourhood Gràcia. They are perfectly located on a street corner with big shop windows to display their goodies to the passers on the pavement.
On a daily basis they prepare a variety of American styled cakes like Carrot cake, cookies with Nutella, Oreo, or cheese cake filling, sponge cakes with vanilla or strawberry, cinnamon rolls or Red Velvet cake. They have an impressing 15 specialties of cheesecakes!

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona
Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

Sponge cake with vanilla frosting

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

One of the owners Silvia is a qualified lawyer that during her pregnancy found her passion for pastry making. After completing a variety of pastry chef courses and playing around with recipes she decided to open her own shop. She teamed up with Mario that comes from a hotel management background. Joining forces resulted in Sil´s Cakes – American pastry shop.

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

Precision in the bakery to get the perfect cake

The owners Silvia and Mario started the business three and a half year ago in the district Sarrià. The business bloomed and in February 2016 they needed a bigger locale and decided to move Sil´s Cakes to Gràcia.

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

Silvia from Sil´s Cake

Sil´s Cakes -American pastry shop Barcelona

Brownie´s with cruched Oreo cookies


They have the shop open to the general public and also they deliver all over Barcelona to different cafés, restaurants and shops and catering events.

Sils Cakes´s opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 09.30h -20.30h
Sunday closed

Carrer Torrent de l´Olla 62, 08012 Barcelona

+34 619 426 115


Sils Cakes American Pastry


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