Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam, Poblenou

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam is worth getting on the metro to Poblenou and get squeezed between locals and visitors heading to the beach.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam, Poblenou

Smoked paella at Minyam in Barcelona

Restaurant Minyam has just been around for little over a year, however the neighbourhood as made a space in their heart (read; belly) for their outstanding paella!

Maybe, I should say rice dish, since some real paella freak might be upset and say it’s not paella, but I think we should stay with the word paella. As we all know what I’m talking about then, right? A Valencian rice dish that over the years has turned in to a stamp of Spain for the rest of world.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

“Amazing” smoked rice with cod & razor clams, 25.60€/person

So what’s so special with the paella at Minyam? Well, it’s the smoke!

When the smoked paella at Minyam arrives your table it comes with a metal cone lid, looking like a volcano with the smoke sipping out. The dining area fills with aromas of herbs.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

Hug’s Vulcanus smoked rice with seafood, vegetables & mushrooms 20.90€/person at restaurant Minyam.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

Heard from various sources about their fine and different paella, so of course I had to try it. This was my first smoked paella ever, so different!

Nothing to do with others I have tried; rabbit, chicken, shellfish, fish or veggies. The smoke from the burning herbs infuses the rice with a rich and strong flavour, it’s slightly ruff around the edge, kind of masculine.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

As a paella or rice dish takes it’s time to prepare, it’s always nice to order a few starters, (then you can order paella for one person less then you are, example a party of 5, order for 4 if you had a couple of starters), we ended up with a bunch of starters.

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

Oysters with passion fruit & mango sauce 2.90€/unit

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

Mussels 8.90€

Our party of 6 peeps, got to try oysters, veal carpaccio, mussels and octopus, that were all good, not amazing. You come here for the paella, thats clear!

veal carpaccio by meyless with mushrooms 10.80€

Smoked paella at restaurant Minyam

Octopus with celery purée & crisp green rice 12.90€

If you are thinking of visit on the weekend, make sure to book in advance!


Why go?
On the hunt for the best paella or never tried herb infused/smoked paella!
Would I go back to order the same? The smoked paellas YES!



Carrer de Pujades, 187, 08005 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday to Thursday 12.15h – 00.00h
Friday and Saturday 12.15h – 01.30h

+34 933 48 36 18




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