Suculent casa de menjars, Restaurant Raval

Suculent – Casa de Menjars can be found on Rambla de Raval 43, in the multicultural district Raval in Barcelona.

It doesn’t define itself as a restaurant, they prefer Casa de Comidas, that literary would be House of Meals in English, a spot where the clients can come to savour traditional Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine which has been updated and improved with new technics.

Suculent, Gastro bar
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona

A one-room space is small with only tables for 24 diners and another six more in the bar. The decoration is new but with a vintage feel, the local used to be an old bodega with a lot of character. The owners of Suculent wanted to maintain the spirit from the old days and decided not to change it too much.

I went to Suculent for lunch on a Sunday and it was fully booked. So do reserve your table in advance! The atmosphere is relaxed but more formal than the sister restaurant La Tavern del Suculent next door.

Suculent casa de menjars, Restaurant Raval

The noise level was low, could have to do with that the average age was 45 +, and I´m for sure not saying it as a bad thing. Oh no rather as a good thing, as I think that with age one start to appreciate good cuisine and willing to pay for it (at least that´s what happened in my own case).

As I visited Suculent with two friends we decided to share all the plates, get to try as many different dishes as possible.

We opted for; mackerel in Escabeche (spicy sauce), fresh lobster tartar, croquettes with cow tail and the horn of plenty, these were small starters exploding with flavours.

Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Mackerel in Escabeche
 Lobster tartar at suculent gastro bar barcelona
Lobster tartar
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Croquette with cow tail and horn of plenty

After we had grilled red tuna loin with a pine nut emulsion, I almost fell off the chair, yes I thought it was that good. The grilled outside with a hint of smoky flavour and the inside melting like butter in the mouth. Also entered the grilled tender octopus with fried chickpeas, delicious.

Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Grilled red tuna loin with pine nut emulsion
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Grilled octopus with chickpeas

A dish that I didn´t start to acknowledge until my 30´s is the steak tartar, at Suculent they serve it tepid over bone marrow prepared on the grill, the mix of the two together, perfection.

The two last dishes we experienced were the squid with foie gras on the grill and the grilled artichokes with quail egg, truffle, iberic pancetta, which both was the perfect end to the meal.

Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Steak tartar with bone marrow
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona

But for sure we couldn´t leave it there, for dessert we ordered a cheese plate that was accompanied but the sweetest pear marmalade, yummy!

The plates are not big, for one person I would recommend two to three dishes, but make sure to ask the staff, because some are bigger than others.

Dessert cheese plate with pear marmelade
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona
Suculent casa de menjars, Barcelona

Suculent´s opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday closed
Wednesday to Sunday 13.00h – 16.00h and 20.00h – 23.30h

Rambla de Raval 43, 08001 Barcelona

+34 934 43 65 79



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