Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Restaurant, Eixample

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Eixample

The other day a loud group of Catalans and one Swede, me, headed over to Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica in the central area Eixample in Barcelona to fill our bellies to the brim.

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

Seasonal vegetables on cristal bread at Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

But before I tell you about it, let’s rewind 3 months in time (not vital to the story but you see how all the dots connect). One of the Catalan newspaper had written about a Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, they raved about it, so of course, it was written down on my never-ending Restaurants-to-visit-in-Barcelona list (crazy – in just the neighbourhood Eixample there are more or less 900 restaurants, great, good, bad, mediocre, horrible and anything in between).

A couple of days later I started Seeway’s master in gastronomy and product photography.
And, as you know how everything seems to have a relation somehow, so of course one of my new classmates, Pol, works at Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica.
So now it made even more sense to go. Although as I already had my eating-at-restaurant-agenda fully booked for the next couple of months, Teòric had to go last in line.

Nevertheless the other day ago we managed to squeeze in a visit – and the newspaper was right, Pol was right – Teròric Taverna is worth a visit or two! So put it on your list.


As you are about to enter the locale of Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica first have a good look at the restaurant sign above the door, a prawn head with the body of a chicken.
Then again on the menu of the restaurant as you sit down, what about half a rabbit half gastropod shell?

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

Rabbit & gastropod shell at Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

The illustrations of different animal hybrids symbolize the type of cuisine and the core of Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica. The owners Oriol Casals and Teo Rubio want to recreate traditional Catalan recipes were the sea and mountain are in many ways combined on the plate. They work a cuisine made with quality local organic and seasonal produce.

The locale of restaurant Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica has a simple and minimalistic decor, the ambience is relaxed and informal.
The crowd enjoying there Saturday lunch at the same time as us were pretty much just locals, except a small party of three by the bar.



At Teòric you will find platillos, smaller portions thought to share, some more filling than others. In general good sized.
They recommend 2-3 plates per person. We a group of 5, tried 10 different dishes and ordered double of 4 plates, which were a bit too much for us.

Surprise dish? The rabbit with horn of plenty! I’m normally not a fan of rabbit, but this on was great.

Sea and mountain croquettes 1,90€/unit

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Restaurant, Eixample

Horse mackerel with carrot 5,90€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Restaurant, Eixample

Seasonal vegetables on cristal bread 2,50€/unit

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica Barcelona

Roasted cauliflower 6,90€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

Rabbit with horn of plenty 9,80€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Restaurant, Eixample

Rice with aioli & plankton 12,20€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica, Restaurant, Eixample

Chicken cannelloni 8,50€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

Lamb with carrot, yoghurt and cilantro 12,50€

Teòric Taverna Gastronòmica

Dear filet 9,80€







Who goes:
Sea and mountain lovers – locals and visitors

Carrer de Bailèn 117, 08009 Barcelona

Tuesday to Saturday 13.30h –  15.30h and 20.30h – 23.00h
Sunday and Monday closed

+34 930 00 25 52




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