Tlaxcal Cantina & Taquería , Mexican restaurant, Born

The Mexican restaurant Tlaxcal is located the historic district Born in Barcelona, just a stone throw from the beautiful train station França.

Here they serve proper Mexican food! We went here for lunch, we arrived fairly late on a Wednesday afternoon and the place was packed. The waitress arranged a table close to the bar without any fuss.

During the week they serve a set lunch menu for 11€ or the a la carte menu. We opted for the a la carte menu, were you can choose from tacos, enchiladas and more. We ordered four plates between the two of us, and it was more the enough, they serve good-sized portions.

First we tried Nachos with Guacamole and Ceviche on toast, which are both cold dishes. After we had two warm dishes, Sudadera taco with pork and a cup of hot broth and Carnita taco with veal.

All of the dishes they are companioned with three different types of salsas. The plates we tried were full of flavours and well prepared, very tasty!

This is a great place to go as a couple, or a group of friends to share the different dishes between you.  Don’t forget to try the special types of water they prepare once ordered and of course not to forget their Michelada.


 Opening hours:
All days o the week except Tuesdays.

They take reservations.

Carrer del Comerç  27

+34 932 684 134



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