Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret

Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret.
Enjoy an evening with great food and company in one of Barcelona’s most well kept Jewish secrets.
Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret

Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret

Monica, Eva and Flor are the women behind the Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret. The three of them from very distinct parts of the world and backgrounds. Monica from Mexico, Eva from Australia and Flor Argentina.

Together they joined forces in Barcelona to create the Jewish food experience at Casa Adret.
Food has always been a central part of their lives. Their most profound memories are related to food shared in the kitchen or around the table with mothers and grandmothers.

Now with Toldot Barcelona Food Experience, they share with their guests’ unique memories and histories. An, of course,e a spectrum of flavourful recipes from around the world.

“The Toldot Food Experience is a Jewish culinary feast where Middle East meets West, Sepharad and Ashkenaz, with a touch of México, Italy and Australia, and the stories that go behind it.”
Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret

This fantastic night we were a group of 8 guests from different places and cultures that had the pleasure to join the Toldot Barcelona Food Experience in Casa Adret.

First, we enjoyed a welcome drink in the cosy patio and after we moved on up into the well-kept and stunning first floor. Here Monica, Eva and Flor brought out an array of fresh and delicious dishes, which were placed in the centre of the dining table for us to share as interesting conversations were kept by the guests and our hosts.

Casa Adret has a very interesting history, it’s the oldest inhabited house in the centre of  Barcelona. The building dates back to 12th century. The name was given by the last Jewish owner Astruch Adret.

Now Casa Adret is the Research & Development Hub on Jewish Heritage.

Toldot Barcelona Food Experience at Casa Adret

I truly recommend you to join Monica, Eva and Flor for an exclusive dinner in an absolutely stunning setting!


Who goes:
Locals & visitors wanting a unique Jewish Food Experience in Barcelona

Casa Adret
Carrer de Sant Domenec del Call 6, 08002 Barcelona

Book event:

+34 615 69 67 59





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