Wine tasting at AmoVino in Barcelona

The new wine tasting, bar and shop AmoVino is a space created by and for wine lovers in the centre of Barcelona.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Wine tasting at AmoVino, Barcelona

This new locale invites their clients to a modern wine bar, shop and wine tasting room offering Catalan wines. The guys behind the AmoVino are originally from France, but before landing in the Catalan capital Barcelona, they made a detour to Argentina.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Wines for sale in the shop at AmoVino

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Lili from Normandy, Pierre from Gironde and Guilhem from Languedoc they met back in 2008 in Bordeaux, where together they developed their passion for wine.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Picapoll from bodega Abadal

After their studies they headed for Paris to work, but after a while they decided to embark on a new challenge and headed to Buenos Aires.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Trying white wine LAFOU at AmoVino wine tasting

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

In Argentina their interest kept on growing with the wine from the New world (read, Chile, Argentina, USA, Australia). After a few years they took a common decision to move back to Europe to open their own wine business.

They looked for a region with a strong wine culture, a city where the sun shines and their eyes fell on Barcelona (pretty good choice if you ask me).

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

5 from bodega Abadal at AmoVino

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Red by LAFOU

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona


They found the perfect locale in the street Aribau 30, between Diputació and Concell de Cent in Eixample. The interior is scandi-minimalistic, the tones are white and light wood.

In the bar they present a hand picked collection of red, white, rosé and sparkling from the diverse Catalan wine regions, which changes every month.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

Wines from the the shop at AmoVino

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

If you are in need of a bite, they offer a selection of light dishes made with seasonal products, which pairs well with the wines from their bodega.

In the back of the locale we find the wine shop with over 150 labels hand picked by the guys and also the room with space for up to 18 persons doing a wine tasting.

Wine expert Joan Ramon from bodegas Abadal & LAFOU

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

I attended one of the wine tastings at AmoVino had invited Joan Ramon Mañe to present beautiful red and white wines from bodegas La Fou celler and Abadal.

During the tasting, Joan Ramon Mañe explained the big differences and particularities of the regions, hours of sun, the different types of soil, the grape kinds and the wine making process.

You might think it’s just to throw out a couple of vine and hope for the best, but that’s so not the deal! Making wine is hard work, blood sweat and tears go in to this profession.

wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona wine tasting AmoVino Barcelona

I find wine tastings a very interesting and inspiring way to gain knowledge about the world of wines. There are so much to learn and understand, it’s very complex.

I’m slowly learning more about this fabulous world by going to wine tastings and smaller courses, I truly find it fascinating. So don’t miss out on excellent events were you can sip charming wines that you never would have tried otherwise and at the same time learn about beauty of wine making!

Check out AmoVino’s Facebook page for more info on tastings coming up or drop them a mail if you are a group that want’s to do a private event.


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Carrer d’Aribau, 30, 08011 Barcelona

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 11.00h – 00.00h

Sunday closed
Phone: +34 931 57 07 11






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