Xemei, Venetian restaurant, Poble sec

Xemei, Venetian restaurant, Poble sec

The contemporary Italian, well to be correct, Venetian restaurant Xemei is hanging on the border of Poble Sec and Montjuic, on the street Paseo de la Exposición 85. A very tranquil street far away from the hustle downtown.

The owners, twin brothers Max and Stefano Colombo run the restaurant Xemei with food from their home region Venetia, Italy (also check out their other restaurant Bar Brutal).
Its locale is small, but they actually have two locales next to each other that connect through a secret door.

The dining area where we were seated is decorated in simple (modern) Italian trattoria style with miss-matching old wooden tables and chairs, dark red painted walls and with writing from the clients on them. Outside they have a terrace to enjoy the more part of the year (thank you Barcelona for your mild winters).

Restaurant Xemei Barcelona
Steak tartar Xemei

Xemei doesn´t have the typical Italian line up on their menu (read; past carbonara and pizza), here you can find within the entrees; Burrata with rocket salad and tomatoes -12€/plate Super creamy and delicious, steak tartare with their Cipriani sauce and white asparagus – 18€/plate – it disappeared faster than me saying, steak tartare!

Restaurant Xemei Barcelona
Pasta with mussels and clams

For the first course, we ordered Spaghetti with mussels, clams and tomato – 16€/plate, pasta al dente with musty sauce, bliss. They had a few more pasta dishes in this section.

For main Xemei offer two seafood dishes and two meat options. As for the seafood, one of the dishes is grilled octopus with eggplant -22€. Catch of the day (in our case it was turbot) supreme with celery and artichokes -22€, and one of the meat dishes, oven cooked baby goat shoulder with mashed potato – 24€/plate – the meat was so tender it fell off the bone.

The desserts are not mentioned on the menu, but there were four to choose from and we opted for the tiramisu – 7€/dish and a tartlet with fresh strawberries –  7€/dish

Xemei, Venetian restaurant, Poble sec

The menu at Xemei is really easy to read, separated into three different blocks and between four and nine dishes in each, so it´s easy to decide. I personally dislike when the restaurants have too many pages in the menu, it´s totally impossible to choose.

We were three of us enjoying the dinner at Xemei, we shared all the dishes between us. Before the third and last main course, I thought were going to have to order another as we still felt hungry, but after the oven cooked baby goat shoulder with mashed potato, all three of us were satisfied. With the dessert, we topped it off perfectly.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, the diners were a mix of national and international. The elderly couple next to us were regulars and chatted away with the staff.

Xemei is perfect for a date night, lunch or dinner with friends. The restaurant is off the beaten track in Poble Sec, if you’re in the centre of Barcelona and you are not up for a stroll, grab a cab that will bring you straight to the door.

Make sure to book your table in advance.

Xemei´s opening hours:
Open every day
Sunday to Thursday 13.30h – 15.30h and 20.45h – 23.30h
Friday and Saturday 13.30h – 15.30h and 20.45 – 24.00h

Paseo de la Exposición 85, 08004 Barcelona

+34 935 53 51 40



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