10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

10 Mexican restaurants in Barcelona The Mexican cuisine is an impression of the country’s long and colourful history. Starting when indigenous people started to domesticate the corn over 9.000 years ago. Additionally, the people who have gone to live there since. Depending on where you are in Mexico the cuisine will have influences from the Caribbean, Asian, Middle...


Parallelo Italian gelato in Gràcia

Parallelo Italian gelato in Grácia The month of August just started and Barcelona is hotter than ever. What’s your remedy to beat the heat? One of mine has become a scooter ride up to Parallelo Italian gelato in Grácia. This Italian gelato gem is located on the tranquil street Seneca. Just a stone throw from busy...


Green Vita Healthy kitchen, Barcelona

Green Vita is a restaurant chain with a concept to promote the healthy kitchen. Very spot on in this day and age. Established in the food industry since 2016, that’s when they opened the doors to their first restaurant. Now we can find Green Vita at 5 different locations in and around Barcelona. At Green Vita...