Séte, seafood lovers paradise

Séte, seafood lovers paradise in the south of France, a maritime city that will charm you with its seafood. Oysters, wedge clams, mussels, heaven! Séte is built upon and around Mont Saint Clair, surrounded by water, facing east the Mediterranean Sea, to the west Bassin de Thau and the canal flowing through the city. Sète...


Barcelona – Wine Room by Wine Alphabet

Barcelona – Wine Room by Wine Alphabet is a clandestine wine tasting project in the Catalan Capital. Wine Alphabet aka Nika Shevela is a sommelier and wine professional doing wine events, consultancy and communication in Barcelona. The latest addition to her Wine Alphabet family is W for Wine Room. A clandestine space located in the...


Barcelona–The True Home of Chocolate

Chocolate & Barcelona — A Love Story Europe’s obsession with chocolate actually began in Barcelona, and it dates way back to the 16th century when Columbus presented King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella with a boatload of cacao beans (among other treasures). However, they weren’t all that impressed by these strange looking “nuts”, and it wasn’t...